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  1. I've had the end of the loaded case ejector wire lift up and drag on the case inserter.
  2. Bigwarhog5

    Powder Throwing problems...

    That was a close one. You almost owed me a new keyboard.
  3. Bigwarhog5

    Dry fire mag equivalent?

    Thanks for the report.
  4. Bigwarhog5

    Carry optics holster

    Boss/Comptac M&P FF3 X2 on the locktite
  5. Bigwarhog5

    Carry Optics dying out?

    Last night was my second time shooting CO at a club match. I can't believe how much I love CO. I'm shooting a 5" M&P with a fastfire 3 8moa. I figured I'd be spending my summer hating life until I got used to shooting a dot. Boy was I wrong.
  6. Bigwarhog5

    Precision Die Adjustment on XL650

    It's a handful trying to hold the caliper and tighten the lock nut but it's doable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Bigwarhog5

    Precision Die Adjustment on XL650

    Being a machinist there are times when I need to move something a very precise amount. For those time one of these comes in handy.
  8. I got mine from pet mountain.
  9. I use the hornady bullet feeder die for loading 9mm on my 650. I picked up the die for $20. I got 7/16 od X 4' long clear tube from an aquarium supply store. 4 tubes for $12 shipped. I made a tube support from some all thread rod I had laying around. This is a good cheap way to get started for me.
  10. I once saw a guy with a combo mag / flashlight holder try to shove a maglight into his glock.
  11. Bigwarhog5

    9mm brass marked FM

    I am saving mine to turn in for credit with Xtreme bullets.
  12. Bigwarhog5

    How to get into Reloading

    +1 The only reloading equipment I own are die sets and shell holders. All of the other equipment I use is borrowed from shooting buddies. It's not hard to find an old rock chucker and beam scale collecting dust in someones basement. This has helped me save up for a xl650.
  13. Bigwarhog5

    Drawing Into A Grip

    This video helped me a lot. https://youtu.be/45QhpvY9LZc
  14. Bigwarhog5

    Mags won't fall

    What side is your mag release? Mine is on the right and had trouble with one mag not dropping on slide lock. The release was pushing the mag to one side and the follower would hang on the slide catch.
  15. Bigwarhog5

    The BOSS

    I placed my order Wednesday night. Thursday morning I received an email that the blade tech body I needed was out of stock. They offered to substitute a comp tac body. I was ok with the swap. Holster showed up to my surprise Saturday. So far I'm pleased with the comp tac but the mount is what makes it shine. It is a very stable platform. It is like the first time you try a double belt. So ridged and stable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk