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  1. 5iron

    2017 Nats

    I know it's a little early to ask, but do we know, rumors or inside info about the 2017 Limited/ Open Nats location, if it's on the East coast again next year all go to Frostproof this year, if it's coming back to the west coast all sit this year out, pricey trip last year of course had to stay at Disney World good time.
  2. Mont1120 Enjoy your new gun, and welcome to limited.
  3. GM is our gold standard, I think to get promoted to GM you should not only have the classifier scores, but also a level III match win, high gun in your division.
  4. The good news for Cali so far is that were 140% for rain fall so far, hope it keeps up.
  5. Most likely a State Match will have Chrono stage to check that your ammo meets the required PF for you division, hopefully your local matches promote safe gun handling if so you are ready. Have Fun.
  6. Welcome fellow Golden State Shooter, your Kimber in 45 cal is a great gun for our sport, have fun, hope we cross paths at a match.
  7. First time I've shipped ammo to a match, (Nationals)what is the customary time frame, week before, two or three weeks before. Thx
  8. Ok just changed to squad 21 pm, am, pm happy camper now.
  9. Me too, I'm in squad 10, but wanted to shoot pm, am, pm, cause I'm staying in Orlando and didn't want to have two very early drives, hope this gets corrected and I can still change if I have too.
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