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  1. Shot this one recently: Open 5.33sec 6A 2C 7.1295 HF Uspsa calc says 72.8898%
  2. I asked this same question a few months back - got estimates from a couple local smiths. Cost of barrel + a couple hundred for labor / tuning was the gist of it.
  3. I've used about 5k of the S&B SPP in various guns - no issues whatsoever. They press in very smoothly compared to CCI, at least from my recollection.
  4. I've been running Universal for the last couple years through my infinity bull barrel - works well. Relatively clean, not super snappy.
  5. I have an older Akai I picked up used on these forums. I have zero complaints, probably 15-20k rounds through it since purchase. The gun just runs - ammo length, primer type, bullet diameter - none of it matters, the gun just runs. That being said, I've never actually been able to get ahold of him to ask questions.
  6. Ray - If you're ever in the Jeff City area, or the higginsville/como matches, i've got a Sig Max in 40 you can shoot.
  7. I picked up a meter of the stuff a while back; I don't know that I've ever tried to clean it beyond a quick wipe down. Supposedly some chemicals would react with the coatings and dull them, but I don't know what that would be. As rowdyb noted - compresed air works. If you just don't want to replace them because dawson/whoever charges an arm and a leg - http://shop.fiberopticproducts.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=96_104 has a good selection of options and sizes, sold by the meter.
  8. I've been running a u die for my 40 for the last couple thousand rounds (new to 650) - but all of my brass gets hit with one shot before it goes in the bin. I haven't had any issues.
  9. I just picked up a Max - not having to do anything to get it ready but play with the trigger is rather nice. You might end up needing a different holster though, supposedly the Max doesn't fit the standard 1911 holster...
  10. I ran the EGW dies for 9mm and .40 s&w on my 550b for several years and never had an issue with crunching the case that I didn't cause by being in a rush. I'm running the same 40U die on the 650 now, and it feeds just fine. Haven't tried 9mm yet. That being said, this is just me and my experiences with the hardware.
  11. I was having some serious setback issues with Speer and *FC* stamped brass in 9mm, to the point of just being able to squeeze a bullet all the way into a case by hand. I switched to the EGW U die and haven't had an issue since. Was well worth the minor added effort to know I wasn't going to end up making little grenades out of my reloads.
  12. The 600-800 quote I received assumed using the existing parts, except for the slide. Is it unrealistic to fit a barrel/comp to a new slide? Switching calibers or barrels would definitely be more than that 600 figure in parts alone. Good call with the Gans Guns pricelist - I hadn't thought of that.
  13. As far as I'm aware, it was built for steel challenge - I'd probably use the minor ammo for practice. I've received a ballpark figure from a local gun smith on fitting a new slide ~ around 600 in labor + additional for parts. All in with a new top end would be 2000-2200ish. Does anybody know the make of the red dot? It didn't have any markings on it, and I'm fairly certain it isn't a C-More.
  14. Here is a gallery of a few images to show the extent of the slide cuts. The sides of the slide, apart from the glaring holes in the front, have been milled in quite a bit, you can see the shelf in the side on picture. The gun is VERY light. I don't have an exact weight, but its easily as light as or lighter than my 4.5 XDM. I'm thinking the statement it wont handle major is probably an accurate one. The price as is, with three STI mags and about a thousand rounds is around 1400. Any additional thoughts from the people who have been there and done that?
  15. I don't have any pictures available at the moment, but I'll post em when I get a few. Even with a new slide + milling + fitting it'd still probably be below 2k. This is not the McLearn gun in the classifieds.
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