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  1. Loaded a ton of bullets with a Lee progressive... had my share of heartaches and broken parts, but was what I could afford back then. Went to a Dillon 550 and wished I did it years earlier. Have had no issues using my Lee dies, but I only load pistol. Great product and well made !
  2. Nice job ! Can the hex looking object between the holster and hanger turn to change angle etc ? It looks like it has an angle cut on it..
  3. Yes, ... NYS. This will be my first venture into open. If I get to the point where I go to out of state matches, it will be a good excuse for a new gun..
  4. Putting together my first 1911 open build. So far, was thinking, a Caspian / Foster frame, Clark barrel and comp with a Heavy armor division slide. I’m going 38 super as I already reload same and have brass, mags, leather ect. I have not been able to find much info on the slide. Is anyone familiar or had any experience ? It is at a lower price point which kind of worry’s me, but the few reviews I’ve found seem good. Most reviews are on their Glock slides and folks seem happy with the quality. Suggestions or opinions on any of the above ?
  5. Thanks all, and Teros, moved my optic over to a G19.. thanks again for the heads up.
  6. Right you are sir, I just reviewed the rules and list of guns and realized it. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Long time lurker here.. I’m currently shooting CO with my 1911 in 38 Super. I’m ready to move to open and, of course, on a budget. My thoughts were to build up what I have. Single stack is not a problem for me as I live in NY, and I’m guessing if I get to the point of shooting out of state matches, I’d prob move into a new gun. My other option is to find an old single stack 1911 open gun, but I worry about them being beat or having issues.. ..thoughts and opinions ?
  8. I wear suspenders with my duty belt at work and it has been an awesome addition. Sounds like it might be the answer here.
  9. I've been using Wilson Combat 38Super 10 rd mags. They feed flawlessly but after a ton of rounds, they very seldom lock back after the last round. I replaced the Wilson spring and plastic follower with Tripp Research spring and metal follower and they are back to like new... $8.95 apiece was a lot cheaper than new mags..
  10. Competition gun is a Colt 38super, carry gun is Glock 22 .40 most of the time, Ruger LCP in the pocket when it's not practical to carry the Glock
  11. I got a Lee progressive many years ago and it has produced a lot of bullets along with a lot of aggravation. It was all I could afford and without it I never would have been able to shoot as much as I do. That being said, as soon as I can afford it, Ill be moving up to a Dillon.
  12. How old is the Colt? If it's very old, I would not run full power loads through it...They were notorious for having an unsupported chamber. Not old... 90's..
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