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  1. ISRA Range by Kankakee has a good monthly 3-gun and IDPA pistol match for those getting started in the sport. http://www.isra.org/Participate/Leagues/CombatPistolLeague.aspx
  2. One extremely overloaded uhaul trailer...check to make sure tires are fully aired up.
  3. http://faxonfirearms.com/match-series-16-gunner-223-wylde-mid-length-416r-nitride-5r-nickel-teflon-extension/
  4. Don't have that one but do have an 18" Faxon Gunner that has never missed 500 yd Larues in one shot (my time to get into stable position is another story)
  5. Have two Apexs with S3F barrels. Never noticed the warning...Oops.
  6. Think I did something that got me in trouble. Installed TTI mag extension on Magpul mag and forgot to take Magpul's little piece of gray plastic off the bottom of the spring before sliding on the TTI extension. How to does one get the TTI back off?
  7. Have a RM08G on 3-gun G34 and my carry G19 has a RM06. Next one I buy for either use will be a RM06.
  8. Cowitnessed iron sights are the secret to readily finding the dot (or lots of rounds)
  9. Was dead set on a KKM for my open 34 build and ended up going with a S3F barrel and very impressed all around.
  10. Was dead set on a KKM for my open 34 build and ended up going with a S3F barrel and very impressed all around.
  11. Tried searching for simple words like Glock Yesterday and got zero results. Not a fan of the new interface at this point.
  12. We stack everything inside two shipping containers. Probably looks much like your shed inside!
  13. Which lens does your Möbius have?
  14. Got one about a month ago. What can I say... It's a damn fine DA belt like one would expect.
  15. Find your favorite state quarters, remove the buffer and spring and stack coins in the bottom of the buffer tube until the distance between the bolt and catch closes up.
  16. The Arrendondo springs on mine were twisted out of shape and getting caught on the mag. Original or secondary root cause don't know but do know that taking three salt shaker mags apart and only putting the factory spring back in fixed it on all three. .
  17. The irons are only there for initial guidance (not hunting for the dot), the way of the dot is strong.
  18. Have owned pistols both ways and cowitnessed is easier to grab and go without practice.
  19. Practice definitely helps as you'll learn proper presentation. An alternative ($) solution is to go with a slide mounted dot such as a RMR with cowitnessed irons. .
  20. Built a 9mm earlier this year. Pull the charging handle back and see how much room is between the face of the bolt and the bolt catch. The bolt just needs to clear the catch, add or remove quarters to achieve a small gap. From memory, think mine is about 1/8"
  21. Looks great, what are you using for a tip?
  22. Measured my waist with a tape measure and ordered that belt length. Has good amount of overlap.
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