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  1. I've had a well used Palmetto State A2 rifle lower lock up 3 times and not be able to cycle. After I got it apart, the buffer retaining pin had stopped retaining the buffer. The stock screw to tighten it had worked loose. I always thought that pin had to be there. I'll have to take another look at this one and see exactly what was causing the stoppage. It wasn't an immediate action type of stoppage, it was a broken gun type of stoppage. Interesting, I'll revisit that one.

  2. I am also interested in starting to shoot Bullseye. Camp Perry and making the President's 100 would be the end goals. Anybody have any input on the pistols to make this happen. I've been reading about it, but always looking for good ideas. Right now I'm looking at some of the options on the .22: S&W 41, Volquartsen Scorpion, Ruger 22/45, or a Marvel conversion. Then for the 1911, maybe a range officer, or if I can find a deal for something used and ready to go.

  3. On 5/25/2016 at 2:14 PM, Less said:

    I've run my Berettas in IDPA... Hell, I carry a Beretta most of the time I carry. (Kahr PM9 the other times, like when it is hot out)

    Yeah, I've been carrying my Brigadier Tactical every day since I finally got my JM Custom holster early last month. With the foam wedge and the raven wing, it's perfect.

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