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  1. I highly recommend Jim at J&L also. Quick turn around time and very easy to communicate and work with.
  2. Thanks. Im looking forward to seeing the pics of your open build when you get it back.
  3. Yeah, thats the hunter frame (thanks again) with my .40 match upper. Had all the internals upgraded by Jim Jones at J & L gunsmithing. Also had it cerakoted black and added on the gold team safety, mag catch, and slide stop. Runs great!
  4. I have been using the bullets out set up for the last couple months. For me it seems to be a more natural draw and reload than the traditional way.
  5. Got some aluminum grips and Henning sights put on the Hunter/Match combo along with the Henning guide rod and 10.75 lb recoil spring. Can't wait to give it a go at a match or two this weekend. Now just need to figure out a project for the Match frame.
  6. I found the pictures, page 3 of chop shop thread.... kneelingatlas, on 11 Oct 2013 - 10:52 AM, said:
  7. Someone posted some pictures in another thread that showed that Henning's magwell would screw into the large opening in the match frame, but that it sits a little further back than on the competition frames. He said it still works as designed though...
  8. Thanks. Hennings sights are definitely on the list of upgrades im planning on.
  9. My new toy, just picked up a Hunter frame from the Classifieds (Thanks Open1215), put my Match .40 upper on it, put on a Henning magwell and cut down the stock grips.
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