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  1. Just didn’t want the world to have your contact info sir. Thanks again for the help!
  2. Thanks Jim! I’ll check it out sir. I greatly appreciate it sir. Admin will you close this one to protect Mr. Dillons contact info. Thanks
  3. Just started loading on my new 1050 loading 9mm, and my press is dropping primers on the bench. While I’m running the handle on the down stroke I will hear a primer drop on the bench. Out of the first 150 rounds I loaded I had 5 without primers. What causes this and how do I fix it??? Any help would be appreciate.
  4. So who's running the Browning A5? I've heard of some issues with cycling in general and less than 1oz reduced recoil slugs having cycling issues. My plan is to send off an A5 to Big Bore but want to get a little more feedback before I make the decision. Any input would be great.
  5. Just a heads up to all... I received a phone call from a lady named Alice from Fort Benning Outdoor and Rec today about Payment for the match. Just a FYI for those who haven't gotten the call yet. It took me off guard at first because I have never gotten a phone call to pay for a match; So just a heads up because it didn't sound very legit initially.
  6. The grip was fit but only ran with the 40 top end never with the 9mm top end. I will have to check the mag catch. What do you suggest to check that?
  7. Ok so I have a 2011 that was done by Benny Hill. It was fitted with a 5" 9mm top end and a 6" 40 s&w top end. The gun also has a polymer grip (what I've been running) and a sti aluminum grip. I've ran the polymer grip since I've owned the gun with little issue. Recently I've had some mags that wouldn't completely drop free so I decided to switch to the aluminum grip. Now with the aluminum grip on my mags are binding on the frame. Yes the frame not the mag release not the grip, on the frame just below the feed ramp. How is it that the same mags with the same frame had no issues with the polymer grip but now rub on the frame with the aluminum grip? Any help would be appreciated!
  8. I picked up a Vortex Sparc AR a few weeks back and am pleased with it.
  9. Mr. Horner what is the contact number for if a competitor is going to be late for registration?
  10. I appreciate it gentleman. Taliv I would greatly appreciate the chance to come shoot.
  11. So I have become very interested in precision long range. This came after a trip out west and a good friend took me out shooting. We stretched the legs on my 308ar for the first time and took his 375 chytac out to 1970 yards. Living in East TN I don't have the ability to go past 400-500 yards where I shoot. The local 1000yd range makes it difficult to even get on the line to shoot, from what a fellow 3guner who's on prs kick as well found. Being a avid 3 gun competitor along with my new interest in to long range, PRS type matches really got my attention. So brings me to my question (kind of)... I have a very nice 308ar I built for heavy metal division in 3gun; 18" Rainier match barrel, high end parts, so on and so forth... The more I learn about these style matches, the more I feel the need for a bolt gun to be competitive. However as I learned jumping head first into 3gun, knee jerk investments, with little experience into that shooting discipline, can be a huge waste. Do any of you that compete in PRS style matches run a gas gun? Or did when you first started? I am learning 308 isn't ideal; However with the new categories this year, Im hoping it might be a better starting point into the sport with zero experience in loading for precision rifle. Any advice or experiences getting into the sport would be welcomed. I appreciate the input.
  12. New member from TN. I read the forums often and have used the reloading forum to get into loading my own. Along with countless other sections of the forums for training and gear info. I just completed my 2nd year shooting 3 gun and am just starting to shoot USPSA and IDPA locally.
  13. Just got into Heavy Optics and I'm hooked. Started with a Aero M5 matched set Rainier arms 18" barrel CMMG 15" key mod LUTHAR stock CMMG LPK & BCG Lantac Dragon ALG Combat trigger Ran it for the first time at Bushmaster.... few changes I have to make. Going with a more comp style trigger (currently has a ALG combat, but use to shooting a 24c in all my TacOps rifles. Slapped the piss out of the trigger the whole match) Man that 308 hits plate racks like a freight train. Got a 3 for 1 on stage #6 plate rack.
  14. I'm a fan of the Regional Series and all that 3GN does, but 2 weeks before Xmas to drop possibly $825 to shoot the Regional's out east.....ouch.
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