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  1. That sounds about right, mine took 14 months from the time I put a deposit down - that was maybe 3 months before they were originally supposed to ship.
  2. I haven't had a chance to test the trigger pull yet, I haven't got all the toys as I haven't been shooting very long, I do want to test the pull on both this and my open gun. The only issue I had with primer ignition was my own fault as my seating adjustment had backed out a tiny amount.
  3. I can confirm my stock 3 extreme also shot slightly low and approx 3 inches to the right, so I guess the consistency is a good thing? I have not had any issues with my cci 500 primers as yet though.
  4. Probably no help with large frame, but my small frame (bul) as posted back a few pages, I managed to track down a genuine 170mm tanfoglio mag - holds 26+1 and I suspect with a little tweaking this could be increased.
  5. Thanks atlas, it runs very well, no malfunctions or hiccups yet. Trigger is converted to sa and extremely light, egw hammer, firing pin etc. Was interesting moving from a 75b to this. I'm still looking forward to the stock 3 xtreme though as I ordered it Aug/sept last year.
  6. Found a pic on my phone, hopefully this upload works. It was built for steel challenge so everything is lightened way down. Means I play in open with minor only. Only had it a couple of months now. Still waiting for my stock 3 xtreme to arrive (hopefully next month!)
  7. Hi all, first post here and hoping someone can help. Could anyone provide the dimensions for Henning or CZCustom extended base pads to fit the smallframe 9mm mags? Ideally inside and out as well as the cuts. I can't import them at present so am going to need to make a couple. I'm currently running a custom BUL Cherokee (built on a tanfoglio force frame I believe) in open and want to extend some standard 16/17 round tanfoglio mags to ~20/21 rounds. Can post a pic later if anyone is interested.
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