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  1. Steel Challenge all eight stages
  2. Sorry Warren, I should have looked a little closer before requesting a picture of the mag well.
  3. Warren can you post a picture of your extended mag well for going prone for a 1911 single stack . Do you make a extended mag base pad to use with the mag well? Mike McDowell
  4. Mike if you are interested we need to talk i am also interested to see what this might be, i am checking to see what there longest shot will be. I just seen the challenge at Toms in April, sounds good.
  5. I have a couple of those and afraid that would be the answer. Thanks for the reply.
  6. What is the best way to remove lead buildup from your comp, besides not shooting lead tipped bullets.
  7. Mike it seems to work for me, I tried it with my strong hand and it is slower by quite a bit. Weak hand takes a lot of practice. You should spend most of your time with the long range stuff, other wise i will never beat you.
  8. Welcome and where in Ohio?
  9. Welcome Dwain, what Bill said be very careful what you ask for.
  10. Pickaway County Sportsman's Inc, they are located in Circleville 1st Saturday USPSA, 2nd Sat IDPA, 3rd Steel 4th Action Pistol. The web site has all the info you will need.Bad spelling on the first post.
  11. Pickax County Sportsman's Inc, they are located in Circlet. 1st Saturday USPSA, 2nd Sat IDPA, 3rd Steel 4th Action Pistol. The web site has all the info you will need.
  12. I also went with Wilson mags, pricey but worth every penny.
  13. I just went through this very thing with a 70 series colt in 9mm. The gun was about 98 % so i changed the mainspring to 17 lb with a 7 lb recoil spring and it runs 100% PF is 133. Load is 121 Gr.MG with 4.4 grs of 7625. Gun has a 1 port comp.
  14. Mike whats the longest shot? I am planning on shooting this, what time do you plan on shooting, sign me up on your squad.
  15. have you tried the mainspring? my 9X19 was sporadic even with the 7# until i dropped the mainspring down to 16-17 lbs. it wont fire for me at 15. I also had to lighten my slide when I put a comp on it to get it to run right. BTW, I run roughly 138 pf I finally received my main springs, changed it out to a 17 lb with a new uncut 7lb recoil and new firing pin spring went to the range and put 100 rounds through it with out any problems. It does not seems to have any more recoil than before. I believe i will try it with a 8lb recoil spring just to see if it will run. Thanks for the advise.
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