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  1. I replaced a Romeo 1 on my 320RX with a Shield RMS pretty much same size, the RMS is I believe the Jpoint. If that helps at all
  2. Looking at the clothing it may well be a work gun
  3. terrydoc

    P320 X5 Thread

    I know they do, I was asking if it was the same trigger.
  4. terrydoc

    P320 X5 Thread

    Can anyone tell me who makes the straight trigger for the 320? TIA
  5. The pouches themselves are probably ok its the tension devices that probably will fail I had A few knock off pouches and all the tension stuff broke off the majority of the pouches, and stripped the threads on the rest..
  6. Far out it's Melbourne how cold do you get, I've been shooting at PPLA for 15 years only need a rain jacket 5c is not that cold happens 3 times a year for club matches at most.
  7. Your attempt Dan? Not sure I'd call winning and defending your National Championship title an attempt
  8. Yeah Dan a small club match of a 100 shooters, did you beat BC?
  9. Similar set up to my 9mm Nighthawk Custom, although my magwell is the IPSC compliant one so a touch narrower ( if that's an ice version)
  10. looking good Jase why the move from the Tanwog?
  11. I like that. Too bad IPSC doesn't have a good Division for it. They do its called Open division
  12. You could always cut the front of a Dawson and turn it into a TGO style. I'm a little surprised DP don't make a smaller carry version like Techwell do. It would be a great idea to be able to swap your magwell out for either CC or competition with a few turns of a screw rather than remove the whole MSH and swap everything over or have to have a complete MSH set up.
  13. Got it already? THAT IS GUN PORN 101 i did think that actually
  14. Try one of these external dimensions pretty much the same as an S&A but a bit deeper and seems to be a 'bigger' opening to feed mag into.
  15. We used to have this happen a fair bit where ( new) guys go out and buy a gun, then want to shoot it Production only to find out it's not approved. Then they blame IPSC ( I'm not saying you're doing that triple) instead of checking first. It happened a couple of months ago just before our Nationals when the CZ Shadow 2 was released and people wanted it to be able to be used in Production, alas it hadn't been approved, and people who knew better still had to blame IPSC.
  16. Absolutely easier to load a hicap but they were the Classic pistols of the day were they not? What I'm sort of getting at is the name of the division, if they wanted just 1911's then it should have stayed the classic design, and allow extremely limited accessories ie: S&A size magwell, (or none) no rail, iron sights ( no fibre). As I said minor accessories.
  17. The fact that it's called Classic and under the rules they must be a visible resemblance and have the 'features and contours' of the "1911" design, which unfortunately they have already altered by allowing rails. Personally at inception of "Classic" I would have allowed the wonder 9's of the early IPSC year's also but limited them to 10 rounds (same as minor PF)
  18. if you were to allow full length dustcovers you have just recreated SS/limited, no where near Classic I already have a few issue's with what's allowed and not allowed but as it is it's my Division of choice.
  19. don't know where you get that info but very unlikely to happen in Classic division
  20. Bit of a gap between grip and magwell there on the RIA
  21. What are the little bubbles on the slide?
  22. My new to me 9mm Springfield RO I picked up this morning, couple of changes to it, Techwell SP and Dualtech grips and an ED Brown ext mag release and Wilson Combat checkered front strap.. Soon to drop out the ILS and mainspring housing and fit a Dawson IPSC magwell. At the moment it's a back up to my 9mm Nighthawk but once it's set up will be my minor Classic gun.
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