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  1. For 300 /shooter they had better figure something out. I would say they fleeced at least 140 sheep.
  2. I sure wish someone would invent an app. That would handle sign up, payment, squadding and scoring.
  3. For 300 dollars I got to listen to you governor and sit in an MRAP.. Side matches that were cancelled? Machine gun rentals at 70.00/mag or whatever outrageous price. For the cost of this match I could have bought enough energy drinks to last a lifetime. Police cruiser... ya got me there. I guess my only complaint there would be that I didn't get tp play with the lights. As far as the governor is concerned. Great, good on you folks for electing such a fine individual. But unless it is Chris Ledoux's kid and he is there to sing, I'm not interested in spending that kind of money. A 2 gun match with 8 stages. Yep, and 3 days to shoot 8 stages that had little if any planning put ino them. These were 30-70 second stages. That was A LOT of sitting around. Considering that we had to stand there for an hr. And look at our next stage with nobody on it. In short, this match was billed as a MAJOR match. No one will argue that the governor spoke.no one will argue that there were free energy drinks so on and so forth. But the planning and stage design and overall execution of this match by the directors was a failure. When one of the hottest shooters in the world has to go to the match director and demand a different RO because the RO freaked out on them, there is a problem. For all the money they collected on this match and what little we got out of it as far as quality shooting, I would say this was a major Con game.
  4. Not trying to be an A hole my self but from where I stand, this match has major issues. And thus far the reaction from the staff has been less than accommodating for myself and many others. Perhaps my criticism is too harsh. But I call it as I see it.
  5. In short. I would pay 20-30 dallars for this and wouldn't have to travel more than an hr.
  6. The Ro's are allowing people to run stages differently for different squads. Several of the Ro's have been complete a holes. The paper score cards are a joke. Lord I wish there was an app that would handle squading/scoring/payment. The stage design is not up to par with any kind of a club level weekend match. The 1 on 1 off scheduling is great if you like to stand around and marinate you butt for an hour all while watching your next stage sit empty because the Ro's won't start you early. All this after we got done trying to sign up for this train wreck. Get this, they didn't empty their PO box until after it had filled up and people had their check returned to them. Ya, did I mention that I wish there was an app that would handle sign up, payment, and squadding. How's that for a start?
  7. This would have been a fun match at my local club for 20 or 30 dollars. It has been a huge disappointment for 300 dollars. Paper scoring? Mail in checks. Welcome to the 2017 Wyoming Governors match . Set your clock back 20 years. I don't plan to return and I sure won't recommend it. If they want to see how a real match is run, go check out one that is put on by Southern Utah Practical Shooters.
  8. This comes up frequently. Just come and shoot the match. Just tell them you have shot before.
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