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  1. A RO is only there to try to double verify It is always the shooters responsibility to properly operate and preform the actions. If your gun goes boom its your own butt being sent home not the RO's. Over all as for a flip and catch if you can do it and its easy for you then good on you if not then just drop it on the ground and pick it up.
  2. The one thing you'll notice is on your draw when you keep it closer to your body as you bring gun up towards your chest then out you notice your times are faster. In the video around 315 you had a 1 second then a 1.06 you can see that for the first your rising then pushing as the later your kind of making a arc as you pull out so your push is a shorter distance but you loose the momentum. I know when I practice I try to bring it up along my side and push out and it seems I can use that push to help acquire that sight picture faster and fire instead of sweeping up and trying to hope I find that sight picture.But great videos and keep it up just my .02
  3. Moa does great work on the stoegers I agree! On topic tho If I had to choose Id pick the M2 just for all the parts out there to work with it and nothing runs like a Benelli. I have never seen one go down in the matches I have watched. As for a bag for it the longer shotties I just get a rifle case for and toss it in.
  4. First off both the versa max and the benelli are great guns for the price so you can't go wrong with either. With that said in my opinion the Benelli seems to be the more test and smoother of the two systems. Most people use the M2 in competition in my local matches along with some of the bigger matches so there is a lot to be said with that. But at the end of the day if you can get your hands on both and test the shouldering fit and how the gun feels in your hands. As for loading port the VM comes with a nice loading port that some people will open up but again its how you feel with your loading method. When you get the gun I would practice with it modified and if your opening it yourself just go slow with it open it a little bit then test and go back to it. If your sending it out to a outside gunsmith I would talk and communicate with them and most of them if they are a reputable smith will give you some great insight. Over all again this falls to how do you has a shooter feel the gun needs to be worked. Also remember its a gun that is going to be beat up thrown in barrels and get a few scuffs and stretches on it so don't feel you have to make it look show quality just take it slow better to cut once measure twice then take to much off and turn a gun into a paper weight. For barrel length I like a longer barrel so I stick with the 26 but I have seen guys I squad with shoot little 18 inch shotties. Again this is do you want more weight and better slug range or less weight and poorer slug range it all comes to personal feel for a gun. I will say if you get a benelli most people say you need roughly 100 bucks of work to get it in 3 gun order you need a mag tube as well as you will need to open the loading port for loading but besides that either gun you pick up as long as you like the gun and can hit those targets then just get out and go have some fun. Hope I helped a little. As well as don't forget the cheaper models stoeger m3000 and the jm pro
  5. I like the fact of stage points based on target difficulty as well as I do like the points per gun used. I recently did a club match with 3 stage of mainly 2 guns each so shotgun/rifle- shotgun/pistol-rifle pistol. Over all I think it should be 5 points a target for any target under 100 yards, award a extra 5 points for targets beyond 100 yards for a hit on a or b. Shotgun slugs would be worth more do to difficulty and pistol targets would also have a + point bonus for any target over a set range. It would take some working out but mainly the more targets a stage has = high total points granted I just starting with the game so what do I know lol. But some great ideas in this thread keep it up.
  6. On your vid I will agree the steel is a little close to that paper but as a shooter you are the one pulling the trigger and I believe that stage awareness is a major factor in matches. That you have a walk through a stage briefing and a chance to plan that engaging that target some angles can lead to a chance of hitting the steel and meaning dq. I think Rig Pig said it best if it happens I think you need to own up to it and take what ever the outcome will be. We are constantly as shooters trying to shave off seconds on times even tenths of a seconds but the main idea behind these matches at least in my mind is safety and that means looking at the course of fire and understanding ya I can save a few seconds shooting here but is it worth the risk for the outcome.
  7. Great vid and thanks for the tips. Really helped!
  8. It is the "best" method to toss 4 in a short time frame. But what ever you choice as a method as long as your having fun then its all good.
  9. I don't know of any 3 gun bags that are around 58 + I know a guy locally that uses the voodoo tactical 60 inch bag for his rifle and shot. Its basicly just a drag bag 60 inches 4 pockets. http://www.voodootactical.net/p-1013-voodoo-tactical-50-caliber-rifle-drag-bag-60-long.aspx He loves it it holds the shotgun with out any need to have a tube sticking out. Hope this helps but may want to look at the sniper bags at voodoo or the other manufactures.
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