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  1. I don't think you'd have as much of a problem as you think. Dawson makes great sights. They all send you extra fiber for replacement should something happen. Ameriglo makes some very nice metal sights if the fiber makes you nervous. The Ken Hackathorn or T-Cap sets are nice.
  2. Nice. Let me know if you hear anything. Would love to get this 92A1 up and runnin.
  3. I've been searching all over, not a lot of definitive info out there.....I'm thinking I'm going to try the .140T from Dawson with the .300T rear from Wilson.
  4. That might be a possibility...this is a new purchase for me id be running 3.1 grains of titegroup under a 147 grain extreme bullet. What is the notch width of the Novak rear? Is your .140 front factory?
  5. Looking for a sight picture that has POI just over POA at 25....(1" would be ideal) I don't really like the selection of adjustable rears. Would like to use the Wilson Combat rear with either the Wilson Combat fiber front or a Dawson fiber front.....not sure on the correct height of the rear with either the WC or Dawson front....Anyone using a similar setup?
  6. I have a bunch, came with ammo I purchased through freedom. Occasionally when I pick up my brass some of the amoland brass has lost the primer already...Winchester primers. Haven't noticed this with other brass. Seems like something that could really F up a stage time.
  7. SS, production....sometimes limited 10.
  8. Hi All- I've been shooting USPSA/IDPA for a few years....started reloading on a 550b and eventually came across the Enos reloading forums....great place to be part of. Shooters supporting shooters.
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