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  1. jduvel

    Shadow SP01 Frame

    I have a spare shadow slide that I've had laying around and was wondering if there was a place to buy a replacement frame?
  2. If you haven't already polish all your contact points and it should be ready to run.
  3. Well, so far so good. I ran 600 rds last night with no issues. Thanks for the help!
  4. I think the primer is sticking to the pin and getting pulled back into the pocket. I'm going to mess around with the pin tonight. Thank you!
  5. Decapping only. Have to have a sizing die in station two
  6. When decapping with Dillon decapping die I'm having issues with primers not being pushed out. Mainly Blazer brass that I see the issue with. This is a new machine with maybe 500 rounds through. Made sure pin was tight. Anyone else seen this issue?
  7. 147gn Blue bullet over 3.2gn titegroup getting 130PF
  8. will you take $350

    1. Maximis228


      Im assuming you mean the Ruger GP100. I'll sell it for $400, if you pay shipping.

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