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  1. Hmmm, hard to remember, it's all a blur...... In the neighborhood of 60/40 % (steel/paper)??? Hopefully a RO that shot Heavy will be able to better answer for you. Ryan
  2. Lots of "freedom" this year, so round count is hard to nail down. Bring 2x the amount mentioned above (rifle 200, pistol 150, birdshot 70, slug 5, buckshot 15) to cover your options. Here are my numbers for the match, but I decided to use the pistol much more than the shotgun, so your mileage may vary. For the record, I'd say my abilities are average: 254 Rifle 249 Pistol 69 Birdshot 0 Slugs 5 Buckshot Ryan
  3. Same here (CC charge removed), guess we'll need to wait for the email with new instructions. Has anyone received it yet? Ryan
  4. Any "special" provisions from Freedom Munitions for the RO's shooting the weekend before?
  5. Shot it this weekend, I really like the JP trigger!!!!! Ryan
  6. The upper shoots really nice, been firing that on multiple matches. I'll know this weekend how the lower shoots. Ryan
  7. Brownells claims to currently be in stock. (10/11 7:47pm CT) Sure wish I had the cash so I could upgrade my Vortex Viper PST 1x4. Does Vortex have an upgrade program?????? Ryan
  8. Yes it is, 15". I really like it. Ryan
  9. Finally finished my 3-Gun rifle. This was my first complete lower build, started with stripped lower. I've had the upper for a couple of years, but have been using my lower off of my M&P 15. Now I have a JP trigger, ARFX Skeleton Stock, and custom laser engraving. The lower was a birthday present from the family. Can't wait until my next local 3-Gun match...... Ryan
  10. I really the Oakley G26 lens, have it in my M-Frame. But for low-light/night matches, yellow seems to work best for me. Ryan
  11. Do people like the B&P over the reduced recoil Federal? Guess I need to do some reading on B&P slugs...... Ryan
  12. At local matches, be a little flexible on "equipment rules" is good mojo for the sport and new shooters. HOWEVER, safety is still #1 priority. Thigh and appendix carries, IMHO, are a no go for safety in IDPA matches. Ryan
  13. Just remember, there are two types of shooters: Those that HAVE been DQ'd Those that WILL be DQ'd Welcome to the club, have a seat, and I'll get the ice cream..... Ryan
  14. Great match today, enjoy shooting these matches. Ryan
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