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  1. Lazer

    Magpul question

    I got 1 of the 21rd 140mm magpuls, and while I like a lot of other magpul stuff I can’t really back the Glock mags. One is a small sample of course, but after it dropped in some fine gravel/almost sand 1 time at a match, I could not get it to run properly again. Took it apart multiple times and cleaned it as well as I could but it just wasn’t having it. YMMV of course but after that I’ve been sticking to factory.
  2. I've actually been on the other side of the situation. I frequented a local shooting range for a number of years, and became friends with all the employees and the owner. I walked into the range office one day to find the clerk had a 1911 pointed directly at me! There was a surveillance camera system, and he had seen me coming in from the parking lot. Seems he thought it would be funny to surprise me like that. The first thing I did was instantly create a vacuum in the room by sucking all the available oxygen into my butt. After that, I came totally unglued. I almost went over the counter a
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