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  1. Short answer... No. Not an RHT holster at least. Bob will tell you that.
  2. I hope you didn’t polish that sear beyond the hardened finish. It can cause hammer follow. Your original post says you polish the trigger bar spring already, but you can also manipulate the tension the spring puts on the bar a little bit. Not too much though, you want to make sure the DA resets reliably.
  3. Are y'all having continued success and reliability with the Shadow 2 Kadet Kit? I'm looking to pick one up for some casual NRA bullseye at my pistol club.
  4. This was my first thought as well. Maybe try bending the spring so it puts more upward tension on the bar.
  5. MissionaryMike

    New CZC Gun

    They issue of its practicality aside, it definitely seems to be machined well. I really like the lines. I do question the round trigger guard, as well, but that’s just personal preference. There’s no doubt the quality of the steel itself and the machining are too notch.
  6. 115 gr. Blazer Brass shoots pretty accurately, the recoil is extremely manageable (128-130 PF), and it’s cheap at around $.18/rd.
  7. Your title is click bait, hahahah. Nice one. Stuart and the guys over there are great.
  8. The install on both my Shadow 2s was extremely easy. Whether the upgrade for you is necessary is based on stock bushing in your gun. If yours shoots accurately with the stock part, there’s no need. On the other hand, if you are confident that you are doing your part, and are still not happy with the results, then maybe think about swapping it out. The amount of improvement, again, will be variable based on your guns current performance. For me, whenever CGW comes out with a new component, it’s always a necessity. ?
  9. I really loved my Stock 2s, besides all the various reliability issues I had with them, including extraction. I mean, they felt so good in the hand, looked handsome, shot very accurately. But damn, so many issues. Good luck buddy. I hope it works out for you, as it has for many others. It wasn’t worth all the trouble for me.
  10. Besides yigal's accounts, has anyone heard of or experienced a cracked Shadow 2 frame?
  11. And like @SoCalShooter69said, polishing to the utmost will help quite a bit.
  12. Haven't had a light strike using the CGW 11.5# hammer spring yet. DA/SA = 6.5/1.75#. Only using Feds right now though. Will pick up some Wins soon for testing/practice and to save the Feds for matches.
  13. My apologies to you both. Yes, I meant @rowdyb. However, your contributions have also been very helpful, @MemphisMechanic. My error allowed me to thank the two of you.
  14. @MemphisMechanic, too bad you got burned out in Production. Your contribution to the various "production" gun sub-forums was useful. Good luck to you in Limited. The Atlas Titan looks to be a motor...run it good, bud.
  15. Quick question about "softening" the bottom of the breech face. Since that's the part of the slide that strips a new round into the chamber(I think?), doesn't keeping that angle as sharp as possible ensure the next round gets properly chambered?
  16. It's a legal modification b/c the DNROI has specifically responded (thanks, @rowdyb) to the exact question of the legality of CZ Custom's Accu bushing modification on a pistol that is currently on the USPSA NROI Production gun list. We should understand this to mean that any other gun on this approved list can be sent into CZC to have the Accu bushing modification installed and still be considered a Production Division legal pistol. Of course, CZC has to be willing to do the work if it's a gun that they don't already offer the service for.
  17. Well, that might depend on what you call it. For instance, in New Jersey, you're not allowed to have a muzzle device that suppresses any flash. However, when I called the state police to ask what constitutes a flash hider from a non-flash hiding device, I was told that as long as the muzzle device does not have the words "flash hider" in its name, I'm good to go, even if it might suppress flash a bit. So, in New Jersey, all you have to do is market it as a heavy duty spring, and you're good, even if it can take out satellites hundreds of miles away from the earth's surface.
  18. I did one "better" — Loaded up 250 rounds w/ Win SPP to test out the #12 PDO spring. First 50 were DA only...kind of a pain, but did it for the sake of mini-testing the reliability. Results were 50/50. The rest were just hosing in DA/SA. All went bang. My stash of Federals for actual matches should be gtg w/ this spring. I don't have the guts to run the #10 spring in a match, even w/ Feds.
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