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  1. I figured it out !... I had a KAW Linear muzzle device on it that was obviously creating back pressure. I didn't notice it much when I first built the PCC but maybe it got worse as it fouled up. Took it off and problem solved. Now I need something that won't create back pressure to cover the barrel threads. IS there such a thing as a "Comp" that works with 9mm pressures?
  2. It's the Taccom buffer system
  3. The door is closed and I even put tape over it to test it. Then I put tape across the back of the upper extending past the right hand side to see if that would stop the gas... and it did. This means the gas is coming from around the bolt.
  4. I built a PCC a few years back using a New Frontier upper (side charge), lower, barrel and bolt. It has a ton of ammo through it but I'm experiencing something new. I'm getting gas blowback in my right eye (shooting right hand). I had the barrel recut for a deeper chamber, plunk tested the ammo, cleaned the bolt and barrel and I'm still getting gas back in my eye. I'm shooting 124 FMJ TC @ 1190 fps using federal 100's and IMR4756 (because I have a ton of it and shot it for years in a 38 super) COAL 1.125" Any one else have this problem? I tried searching but the search terms bring up too much unrelated stuff.
  5. Don't do it.... SEND IT BACK and have them do it. That's what I did with my New Frontier match barrel. It took a little insisting but they do realize what bad press will cost them.
  6. I just put one on mine with the Vortex co witness QD mount. I can run a scope (1 x 4) , the dot or irons. The dot co witnesses with the scope so zero can be checked easily or longer shots taken using the scope. Scope is on a QD so it comes off easily and maintains zero. I like the setup and I like the Venom. Have one on my Hi Cap 1911 9mm too.
  7. I have a New Frontier Match barrel that needed re chambered because the throat was too short. I'm thinking most of these barrels came from the same manufacturer using the same worn out reamer. New Frontier did eventually fix it for me. I did develop a long range load for it that will consistently print under 6 inches at 200 yards. It seems the bullet is the main factor in longer range accuracy. I'm using 124 jacketed flat nose (RMR Matchwinners) over 5.7 IMR 4756 and a Winchester SR primer with a calculated velocity of 1175 fps. Using my Applied Ballistics App and a BC of .156 I generated a firing solution out to 460 yards and was able to put hits on a 24" round by dialing up the drop on my Vortex 1 x 4 viper PST of 21.5 mils. Round nose bullets did NOT perform well past 100 yards. Here is a video of me shooting a 10" square plate @ 200 yards rapid fire using this load. (2nd part)
  8. I can control the angle by the location of the bolt hole and the length of the bolt. Here is an example of the extreme
  9. I like the way this system angles the plate using gravity alone so the plate is free to react. The only problem with Steel Challenge is that it would slightly reduce the visible target dimension which would lead to disputes I'm sure. The hangers are made out of 1/4" hot rolled steel and support a lot of weight. The heaviest target I've hung is a 24 x 36 3/8 AR500 plate that weighs 92 lbs. It's still hanging at 1200 yards 3 years later. Ground conditions for the post are a factor but the hanger has no problem supporting the weight.
  10. My plan is to use a setup similar to the pic below but with the target plate hanging more vertically. I'm practicing with the chain mounted plates currently but I want to design the system around steel challenge target requirements. This chain mounting system does deflect a lot of energy and I've never had any cracking around the bolt. I'm using a square bolt hole with a .040 radius in the corners to address the cracking issue. Sharp corners in steel will tend to crack when stressed. I'm finding the T post makes setup easier for different height targets without cutting 2 x 4's since the hanger can be positioned anywhere on the post. My range is on a double slope so to keep the target presentation correct to the diagram I will have ability to adjust the target heights in relation to the shooting box. I have 2 stages setup like this (smoke & hope and Pendulum)
  11. How were they mounted? I'm working on a system that uses T Posts and a hanger that can be adjustable for height up or down. Most T Post mounts on top of the post but mine are adjustable. My plan is to use a single plate bolt that slips over a slot in the hanger and mounts loosely so the plate can react and disperse some of the energy.
  12. Thanks Doc. I wasn't sure if 1/4" AR500 would bend with pistol calibers. We are talking about AR500 correct? Interesting that the 3/8 has better sound too. I'm not new to competition but I am new to Steel Challenge so any tips are appreciated.....especially "calling your shot".... makes sense.
  13. That's what I thought but I read in another forum where someone was trying to do it. My main question is to the thickness of the steel. It seems that 1/4" would have a better clang....especially AR500
  14. I'm thinking about setting up a couple stages on my range and I have a few questions concerning the plate thickness. * I see that most plates you can buy are 3/8" AR500. Is there any reason that 1/4" AR500 isn't sufficient. * Is 3/8" required for sanctioned matches? * Would putting the plates on a 20 degree angle violate any rules?
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