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  1. I had the same issue. Send it in. I got mine back within a few weeks I believe. Not helpful if you’ve got upcoming matches and no back up, but they did take care of me at least.

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  2. So dumb. STI used to be synonymous with meaning a shooters’ gun, an aficionados gun... sad to see them scrap all that in order to try and get on the Timmy bandwagon.
    Besides, it’s not going to work, Timmy’s like $500 guns that go bang with little to no maintenance, not $2000 guns that take $100 mags and need to be dialed in to be reliable (especially in 9mm, which most LEA’s are moving back to). 
    For LEO’s, with half the guys in an agency barely able to qualify every six months, a finicky double stack wouldn’t even make the back of the page on my list for a working real world LEA...

    Haha this is the truth. Not to mention the price point for agency purchase. I handled an acquisition of and transition to a new handgun for duty at my agency once.. adding more than $1000 to the price of the guns we were looking at wouldn’t have been considered for 2 seconds. And while a small percentage of the guys would have seen any sort of performance benefit- assuming you had an actually dead reliable 2011- the majority struggle to safely operate a Glock... I can’t imagine trying to get the lowest on the competency scale to safely and competently handle a 2011. I’m not kidding when I say holster retention devices caused some people issues..

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  3. Well I ended up buying a CZ P01 since it’s a little slimmer and shorter. 

    P-01 is a solid choice. I had a steel frame 75compact. It was a sweet gun, but too heavy. I bet the aluminum frame version is nice! Check out Cajun gun works for trigger work. Makes a super heavy stock Cz trigger flat out dreamy!

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  4. 9mm or 40? I have never seen a Glock 22 or 24 round factory 9mm magazine- if there is one I can not see how it would be longer than 171. But the 31/33 is definitely too long. As for limited capacity in open, yes. Rather than set a number for the limit they set length of the mag. This makes some guns more successful at using the available space. And makes other major calibers, outside 9/38, essentially useless in the arms race of open. I can get 29/30 in my MBX 9mm mag so shooting a gun in 40 becomes a handicap immediately because you can only squeeze 24-25 rounds. If you’re talking the 40s&w mags then I believe they’re fine for open, another thread here has them listed at around 154mm in length. Seems like you could put an extension on them and maybe keep them under 171 still???

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  5. I have a JM custom kydex AIWB holster for my full size 92. It is the most comfortable concealment holster I’ve got. The full size is definitely a brick of a gun but the holster makes it very comfortable and conceals very well. I’d love to see what it would do to a 92 compact. I think that would be a very concealable option.



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  6. Fingers crossed that their recent change in policy is something mainly to protect themselves from people trying to game the system, and they intend to still service guns with honest issues... I’ve heard of more than one recent warranty issue that’s been taken care of promptly since the change. That’s good news.

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  7. I love 2011s... I’ve owned several diff in limited and open. Stock and custom tuned STIs as well as a custom build. I have yet to go thru a season without gun issues at some point. If Tac sports are as reliable as my shadow and shadow 2 were- I wish I had gone tac sport for limited rather than 2011. This upcoming season I’m shooting a lot of carry optics because I’m so sick of malfunctions in matches. There are plenty of people who have very reliable 2011s... I just bring out the issues apparently.

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  8. I have not seen one mounted like that. I feel like it would not be an ideal optic to turn over on its side- the circle shape of the more makes the glass seem the same from either orientation, with the holosun i feel like it would be odd. It really doesn’t seem to sit high to me. Once you take the rail mount and the putter shell off the top it’s not bad. I went from a delta point pro to a holosun and i love it.

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    I 100% believe we as competition shooters made ourselves very unappealing to them. 

    I think you’re probably right. I’m not sure what the perfect plan would be for them... I just know that buying a new or used STI was palatable when I had a sense that STI had my back if the gun had issues. Now that’s changed and I don’t see myself buying any more STIs. Too many other good/better options out there.

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  10. I'm wondering if the part about "no transfer of warranty" thing is something new or not. I bought a used Steelmaster many years ago and sent it back in for hammer follow last year. They fixed it with no issue. Maybe I got in just in time. 

    This is all very new. Pretty much up till now they would take care of any sti gun that had come out of their shop- vortex/Dillon style. That’s changed and it seems they’ve pretty much shut down their warranty service program.

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    Isn't it?! Its a double edged sword. People gripe that they want our officers/deputies to have more training but when it comes to tax time to pay for it........

    And training budgets get expensive real quick... it’s a tough problem to solve... but regardless of that, there are plenty of guys carrying guns professionally that wouldn’t shoot more than 100 rounds a year unless you absolutely forced them. It’s insane on so many levels

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  12. Reads like most car warranties these days.   CYA
    I doubt they're going to be kicking a gun back because maybe you fired one or even ten thousand good reloads, or put a magwell on it, but you know there are morons out there that load whatever they can cram into a case and call it good, then send the gun back when it breaks.
    And slides crack all the time at 'cosmetic' cuts...

    I would hope so. And yes I totally understand not covering aftermarket slide cuts.

    I’m more irritated about the metal grip aspect. I’ve now got an open gun that has no warranty because it’s wearing a metal grip, something that did not void the warranty last week... and something that would not have been added if it expressly voided a warranty. Truth be told I probably would have just spent the money on a diff brand set up the way I wanted had that always been the case.

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  13. I think that the marketing plan is to push the "elite"/swat types towards their guns, since those guys might have more budget/leeway for a $2000+ service pistol, and might appreciate something nicer than a stock Glock/P320/whatever.

    Yea, but most departments don’t allow guys to buy their own guns regardless of assignment. Outside of a few big agencies most of LE carries whatever the Dept issues. And Glock is far and away the one to beat. When a Glock is $350 for an agency purchase and sti is $2000+. I feel like they might be barking up the wrong tree long term. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure they’ll still sell some. And i don’t know, maybe the market for quality semi custom builds has already gut punched STI sales enough that they needed to make a change to stay afloat. So add to that change the savings of not spending time or money on warranty work, I’m sure it’s a savings for them- at least in the short term.

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    Had the same thoughts here too haha. To be honest, these are just tools in my mind. Not looking to spend family heirloom money. That way I don't cry as hard if I bump into a bench or another shooter. 
    Curious to see what or if this changes the 2011 Custom market. 

    I have to think this is a boost to smaller gunmakers. Once the warranty support is gone I wouldn’t even look at an STI over something from a smaller shop. I assume they expected some of this... unless they’re not planning ahead at all. Maybe they are expecting high volume govt agency sales to increase. Which seems to be what they’re pushing. I guess it all depends on how many they sell to competitors vs how many they expect to sell to police depts. Which is an odd thought anyway.. I handled acquisition and transition to new handguns once when I was a LEO, and I would have gotten laughed out the door if I proposed we switch to a $2000+ STI 2011.

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    STIs lack of QC on their older lines of guns is what did this. I dont know many guys with the DVC lines of guns who haven't run into an issue directly related to fitment.

    I’ve had 2 of the DVC opens in 9mm. The first one was excellent right up until the barrel cracked..... I think zero malfunctions in the lifetime. The 2nd has been solid. Not as perfect tho, some minor issues but it’s still a good gun. Now I’m dreading when it does have an issue. And add to that the resale value likely just tanked... ugh.

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  16. Wow. I own a dvc that had a cracked barrel at 5k. They were awesome and fixed it .. actually sent me a new gun back pretty quickly (which I didn’t request, would have been happy with the original as it was flawless till the crack).. I got the same gen1 dvc barrel in the new one. Really haven’t worried about it, but just waiting for the new one to crack just the same- as it’s the original design they have since fixed. Now I guess I’m screwed when it does??? “Any modification to the gun, including cosmetic” seriously? And any non open gun that’s had reloaded ammo through it (all limited guns)? Any gun would now be voided completely by installing a new mag well. Might as well have just said we’re no longer warranting any old guns. It’s their business and I’m sure they were getting killed fixing bad quality they sent out the door to begin with... but that vortex style well fix anything type of warranty is what made me have zero concern about buying an sti. I’ve owned several. Had some issues, had some sent back, but a overall would keep buying them. With this new policy I think that’s changed. Zero reason to buy a mass produced gun at $4000+ when I can get a custom built gun made by any one of the plentiful quality gun makers around these days for about the same. I’m not griping that they have no right to change the warranty... but that changes entirely my interest in buying an STI.


    My guess is we can thank some scum bags trying to scam sti and abuse the warranty system to send in a beat to hell gun with 200,000 rounds that they hacked on in their garage and destroyed- then demanding a brand new gun be sent back - think I saw a fraud from down in Kentucky recently trying something similar ... well it was good while it lasted I guess.



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