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  1. The review i pointed out was not my doing. What i meant by "i took it as a fair review" was because somebody took the tima end effort to tell us. Before I i came across lax ammo i tried several brands but the end result i ended up with lax and it stuck with me because of price a reliability. They also offer free shipping on new customers which worked on my favor.
  2. Arizona Response is "the guy" on FAL builds. Hes a little slow on calling back but he is running a one man operation if im not mistaken. He has walked me thru 2 builds and pointed me in the right direction. Try calling back or send him an email.
  3. Ive been shooting LAX Ammo for years in 9mm (115) and .40S&W (180). I have never had a single issue with their ammo. Theres a post in the rant section about freedom munitions. I took it as a fair review. I somebody gave me 100 rounds of their crap 9mm and about 20 of them did not run.
  4. Sounds like a defective selector to me. Should be an easy swap out fix.
  5. If you dont mind post some pics of the final product. I guess with the right amount of time and effort it can be done and it will look better than the safariland.
  6. We need a little bit of background to properly figure out a solution. Try pulling the trigger while moving the safety. Also try moving the safety while pushing hammer up and down. If its stuck any of those should help. Other than that you can take the safety detent spring out and that will loose the whole safety. Anyways give that a try, if it doesnt work come back and explain a little more.
  7. Definetly contact them, thats a good chunk of money to spend on a paper weight. Im sure you rather spend it on ammo.
  8. Well, im glad to see somebody came with a good solution to this issue. Lots of guess work going in every direction dodnt help much.
  9. Since you know you can get the hits, try to speed up a little. Then a little more, then even more. Push yourself at a decent pace.
  10. Sounds awesome to me. I will look into shooting it. I will have to get a couple of friends on board to go shoot it since im in FL, but im definetly interested in this type of matches
  11. Oh, well thats way better. We do small classes but nothing beats one on one. At my range if your cool enough some ROs will invite you to their practice drills.
  12. Hopefully the problem solves with the new spring sets if it doesn't try running 2 or 3 slugs at 1600 FPS and see how that recoil sets the guns back into battery after every shot. If that extra pressure doesn't make the spring move with a purpose it will be something else.
  13. +1 on zeroing the Strike Eagle at 50 yards. I usually go about 2 inches on top of the bullseye. The longest shot I've had in 3 gun matches is 400y and to can still hit it without any complications or crazy adjustments.
  14. Is this match anything like Ft. Benning ? Or is it a whole different monster?
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