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  1. it doesn't have to be threaded... yes Large Frame.. I need barrels longer than 5"... I have a lathe to spin some threads if need be.
  2. I am looking for a place to buy a .45 long slide barrel, one that is perferably threaded. also wondering if they make a long slide .22lr conversion, if so I want that barrel as well.
  3. a lot of the .22lr conversion issues are actually not slide related at all (although a few are). Most of the problems are with the frame and trigger mechanisms. Check out polishing a trigger, the sear housing and the hammer assemblies. once you get these parts smoothed out the slide works 80% better, then you can focus on the slide issues that are left. if you need me to I can post up links and pictures of every thing I did to make my conversion shoot flawlessly.
  4. don't give up.. it took me about a month to get the slide to fit exactly right and start running flawlessly. Try holding the gun to one side while you safely shoot a round down range watching how the slide acts. I found mine to be hanging up in at 1/4 open, fully open, and 3/4 closed. when I took the slide off, I noticed where the coloring turned shiny and polished those areas over with with a piece of Emory cloth. There area couple of threads on here about tuning the .22 conversions up.
  5. 57?! Where do the other 7 come from? Are you including Puerto Rico, D.C., and Guam? Glad to see I wasn't the only one who caught this
  6. Sweet, glad some one on here got it...
  7. thanks Johnbu, i'll keep looking, because i did see one once not to long ago.. just don't remember where
  8. Ok, I am still looking for information on frames... some where I saw either a CZ75 frame, or a clone, in the white, where machining and fitting are required. I am needing to build a gun from scratch for a school project. any help finding parts would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I have searched all over the net to no avail... As the tile says I want to build a CZ 75 Clone (oerferably as close to a Extreme as I can get). I can find all the parts I need but the frame... I want to find a frame in the white that might be out of spec to build a custom gun out of.
  10. I think you have your information wrong... one of my best friends is an RI Dealer... he is still ordering and receiving brand new 2015 RI .22 TCM/9mm 1911 Tacticals and MicroMag Target models weekly. he can't keep them in stock here. Bud's Gun Shop
  11. Nope, just stock Witness grips... the checkering is kind of filled in with sawdust... i handn't blown them off yet after doing the final fitting for the magazine and dust got every where.
  12. Here is my Witness P .45/22lr with a set of grips I made a few months back...
  13. I made my own set of grips from some walnut using a router and my dremel... wasn't too hard
  14. The single six is more closely related to the Ruger Blackhawlk.
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