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  1. There seems to be a lot of general confusion about case gauges. I’m constantly reading posts from people asking for help because their loaded rounds passed the gauge test but wouldn’t chamber in their rifle. As was stated above, the JP and Sheridan gauges are the only ones I’m familiar with that are made with chamber readers to minimum SAAMI spec. If your rounds pass either of these gauges, they WILL chamber in your rifle. Atlasguy321 mentioned the Lyman gauge (ammo checker?) which I’ve been curious about. It might be like the JP and Sheridan but up until now I haven’t seen reports from
  2. Clean, predictable, meters exceptionally well. I’ve used a lot of pistol powders through the years and Clean Shot is by far my favorite.
  3. Unless your case gauge is made to minimum SAAMI spec, a round that passes it won’t necessarily chamber. Buy a Sheridan gauge, JP Enterprises or Lyman Ammo Checker. If your ammo passes any of these, it WILL chamber in your rifle.
  4. The only 9mm bulletin I use is the RMR 124gr RN. They make their own and the jackets aren’t soft. Very accurate in three handguns and a 9mm carbine.
  5. The shipper will initiate the claim but with pictures, any insurance payment should be pretty quick. I’ve had to make a claim twice (both times shipped bullets) and received the insurance payment within two weeks.
  6. Separate and load. If you’re going to wash them you may as well wet tumble.
  7. Is there such a thing as a target velocity to try and attain with a specific weight bullet in a certain caliber? I’ve never seen target velocities listed in any kind of reference so I usually shoot for the same velocity as a good commercial ammo with the same bullet weight.
  8. I forget where but I’ve seen some bad reports about them. Enough for me to change my mind about trying them.
  9. ChuckS, don’t overthink this. I inputted 100 yards as target distance and the Bullseye Camera System calculated MOA from the targets. For all I know the distance could be 95 yards or it could be 105 yards. The purpose if the post was to illustrate that it isn’t a given that the MagnetoSpred chronograph will affect POI. As you said, a little thread drift...
  10. ChuckS, at 100 yards group size (extreme spread) in inches and MOA is the same. At 200 yards group size in MOA is half what it is in inches.
  11. One topic that always comes up when discussing the MagnetoSpeed is whether it has an effect and if so, how much on POI. Most people don’t use it when they’re shooting groups but I want to share my experience from yesterday. The 100 yard target was shot with the MagnetoSpeed attached and the 200 yard target was without. The only change I made when going to 200 yards was dialing my scope up .4MIL which is exactly what my ballistic table called for after inputting the velocity determined by shooting the 100 yard target. The rifle is a Ruger Precision .308 and powder charge was 43
  12. I had never heard of them until reading about some people on another forum complaining of light primer strikes using them. I can't remember which forum as it was a month or so ago. Nothing major, just a few of them but it was always the same complaint of light strikes then they would fire on the second or third attempt indicating they may not have been fully seated.
  13. Based on the number of people suffering misfires/light primer strikes, it appears that they may be slightly oversized and therefore difficult to get properly seated.
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