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    Mainly semi auto pistols, and shotguns. Love hunting quail and dove, and some big game with compound bows.
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  1. Better pic of the Phantom.
  2. SP01 Tactical Custom, P01, and a SP01 Phantom Custom ;D
  3. Got a pound of Bullseye ($20, last one) and 2 pounds of Green Dot ($20 each) at Sportsmans warehouse. Left 2 pounds of Green Dot for the next guy.
  4. Man, I'm down to 6000 federal.
  5. FED primers are my favorite. If they're a good price you should stock up! I love having the option of using the lightest of mainsprings.
  6. Aren't we all?? Pretty sure that's one of the most wanted powders. I know that if I saw some id snag it.
  7. gdawgs56

    22 ammo

    Yeah, there's not a round that is the best for everything. (cheapest for plinking, subsonic for suppressors, special for rabbits/squirrels,etc.)
  8. hahaha whatever. I have better things to do than post on this thread.
  9. You say you don't have the time to waste. Yet you have posted countless posts on this thread and some of them have been paragraphs. Does that not take your precious time?
  10. I have over 20# of 7625 and 8# of 4756 so I'll be good for a little bit
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