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  1. Hi I have a Mk6 K100 9mm which is usually run on budget FMJ. I wish to compete in a few comps where FMJ is not allowed (steel targets). I'm told JHP and un-jacketed is fine. Is the barrel rifling suitable for un-jacketed loads? Any recommendations for alternative to FMJ that run in this pistol would be great.
  2. I wasn't aware one blew up... However I generally watch world news only. Australian commercial media is highly concentrated and fantastical. I could probably find out on our local forum if you like?
  3. Thanks - thought I should flesh out the above message. Shooting sports and hunting is rare in Australia especially in the big cities. I started culling feral as hobby and like most have aspirations of a few trophies. Moved to pistol shooting as hunting properties are scarce. As I'm a full time student and work full time aswell my club is an indoor range target at convenience not community atmospheres etc. primarily used club guns however with the acquisition of my GP I have allot to learn, cleaning, maintenance etc Outside of shooting I enjoy travel (been to USA twice and Europe a few times), DIY, study and socializing ;-)
  4. G-day from Australia, I was recommended this forum as there is a few Grand Power guys here and knowledge on the pistol is limited in Australia. Have been reading through the threads and educating myself :-) Cheers
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