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  1. Where could a person a 22 h&r revolver to be repaired
  2. connie123

    320 tactical

    Should have said 320 rx
  3. connie123

    320 tactical

    What is the difference in a 320 tactical and a 320 Rex full size.
  4. Can any one tell me where to buy the plus 2 extensions for my 15 round mags for the q5 match. Just called walther and they gave a price of $96 for 3 of them.
  5. connie123

    Romeo 1 and x5

    Thanks for information, I found a pic set from Harbor Freight works real well at breaking the seal on the battery, pops right off.
  6. connie123

    Romeo 1

    Where to buy screws to mount Romeo 1, besides sig factory
  7. What’s the best and easiest way to remove a battery from the Romeo when it’s stuck in the cap,almost impossible for me to separate batt. from cap.
  8. connie123

    Romeo 1 and x5

    What is the best way to remove the battery from the cap of the Romeo 1. find it almost impossible to get the battery loose from the cap.
  9. connie123

    P320 X5 Thread

    I know this was awhile ago but did the viper work out for you.
  10. how to change password

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