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  1. Thanks for the replies.....this is what I have been finding everywhere....ridiculously high prices and I suppose a blessing in disguise, they are always temporarily out of stock....
  2. Does anyone know of a source for brass in this caliber? I do realize there are a number of calibers close by that I can neck up, etc...just looking for 284 Win. in any quantity. Thanks
  3. And when you are done with all the components, get yourself a good reloading manual like Lyman's 49th, a good fire extinguisher and a really good pair of safety glasses....want to make sure we can read Lyman's next version when published.
  4. I must say I only have limited experience having loaded and shot around 2000 SPP and 1500 LPP, however, I have not had one failure. These were shot out of both semi autos and revolvers.
  5. Well....I can match you perfect squib for perfect squib, however, you got me on the perfect miss, perfect Texas star and perfect frag.....
  6. If you are still loading without In-Line Fabrication's lighting system,you are in The Dark Ages (pun intended) - costs $20, total, delivered. Worth every penny. Thanks Jack, I have looked at the website and can't find the light you reference for $20 total...can you provide a link or more detail ?
  7. I was actually considering video as well after I stumbled across an ad in Craigslist for a ryobi es5000 inspection camera for $60 and some very inexpensive pinhole cameras on amazon. I addition to good inline lighting, I think this is worthy of some additional research.... just not sure if I can pull it off on an SDB press due to the small frame. Thanks for the link as this is giving me a lot of other ideas to consider.
  8. Can you tell me a little more about the inline light? I have tried every angle possible and with every type of mirror from dental mirror instruments to concave mirrors to multiple mirrors and just can't get an angle that works without affecting the operation of the press. I am thinking about a small bright led straight through the top of the seating die but the hole is very small diameter and not sure how bright the resulting light will appear.
  9. Yes that's correct and thanks for the tip, I will give it a try.
  10. Does anyone have a method to check cases for powder prior to bullet seating.....I just started using this press and on light loads with little powder charge (38 special for example) I can't see inside the case no matter what angle I take or how much light I shine. I am without question paranoid after my first ever squib after changing from a single stage press to SDB and prefer looking at each case. Thanks!
  11. eboadway, yes, if you are referring to the 13967 primer punch large, I did find it in the parts bin from the prior owner. I wish I could go with another progressive press for large primer, but can't do it at this point and not even sure I would go with SBD although it's a great press. The next progressive I acquire may have the capability to load both rifle and pistol. Thanks, I am getting there slowly but surely.
  12. Thanks, actually space is a restriction but not on my bench, the space in my wallet is too small to get another press. I am on the lookout for a 45 conversion kit and the few extras and thats the budget limit for a while. Thanks for the input.
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