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  1. I think you will get covered and they will make it right. I was thinking about this issue and the reason why it wouldnt lock up completely on first round. Did you notice any abnormal wear on locking lugs on barrel or slide? Are they by chance rounded off or have excessive wear? If I was you, I would be very very curious to find out in details what was wrong once they figure it out.
  2. new owner here. absolutely love mine! (not first Atlas gun) Its Fast. Its Light. 142PF-148PF is very sweet !!!
  3. I was told that it is at its best around 140-150PF I will be load developing and testing as soon as mine arrives in a few weeks.
  4. SRO sitting in the box on the shelf, all lonely and sad
  5. 2x Atlas Chaos pistolas with SRO 5MOA (or any other optics of your liking) 9 Major. Never had any issues. Brass is cheap. Stupid Flat and Fast shooting with 115gr JHP with 10.6gr of SWMP. For major matches I just load new brass just to be extra sure. 4-6 or more 170mm mags. SV tubes, Grams Followers and Springs, TTI Base Pads (I practice reloading now only with 170mm sticks) 2-4 140mm mags setup same as above for stages where you need to drop mags after only few rounds ex. Classifiers etc
  6. I am waiting on mine to be complete soon... just few more weeks. CANT WAIT lol.
  7. Not good. I was going to buy some more. I guess I just pick up another case of 10lb cans from Mid South as I did last time.
  8. I would love to see Awesome Stages with good variation of short/fast to longer and more technical, Swingers, Clamshells, Steel.... and good amount of competitors to race against. Bottled Water on the every stage. Dont have to be Cold I am not picky. Place of a little shade if possible or a Cover from Rain. Something to keep as a memory of the match (Custom Water bottle or a Patch ) I dont care about: Food, Prize Table, Amount of the prizes on the prize table, I dont mind helping reset and tape.
  9. haha. This reminded me of my last match last week. about 2 feet.... "shot by feel" .... had to make it up.
  10. Talk to Tom at MOA Precision or Mark at Roth Performance if you want a shotgun that runs and runs. JM Pro.... Not the best shotgun to put money into. Now Stoeger M3000 has ton of potential and Tom at MOA can tune em pretty sweet.
  11. RA Ultramatch Mod 2 - 16 Intermediate is amazing! https://www.rainierarms.com/rainier-arms-ultramatch-mod2-223-wylde-intermediate-800-gas-block-tin-extension-16-polished-10960/
  12. At 40% Ill get two LOL ... I know Dillon is checking this thread LOL....
  13. They should do a 30% off Black Friday Sale for 1050 Supers and they will fly off the shelfs. I would buy one.
  14. I think its even worse when it happens to a brand new guy. We had a guy that was shooting his first 3gun match. Brand new shotgun. Early Spring. Some snow still on the ground in spots. After staging all the guns in the dump boxes. Stage was started. He picked up shotgun from dump box and BOOM. Barrel split at the end. We later figured that the 2-3 inches of snow in the bottom of the dump box Plugged his barrel when he staged it. No one thought it could happen. Whole squad was super helpful. One guy even offered to give him a spare barrel he has laying around from same shotgun. Everyone tried to be super supportive. But guy left after that stage and i have never seen him at the match again.
  15. Exactly. You still have time to shoot when "If Finished..." command is given. I remembered a situation from recent match where I had to make up target after RO quickly started "If Finished Unload..." Command. You can hear it in the video LOL LOL
  16. FYI AA7 and Major Pistol are NOT same. They are very close but not same. Major Pistol is also much cleaner. Also your tracking will depend greatly on your grip pressure and trigger control and as you mentioned, type of pistol. For my pistol the best tracking or up/down movement was with lighter bullet and slower powder. AA7/Major Pistol. HS6 was the worst and Silhoette and CFE were good, but required very firm grip. So every gun is different. Test , experiment yourself and dont take anyone's opinion as only solution. PS> Also I just noticed that we completely hijacked thread because original question was about 38SC and we all talk 9Major LOL
  17. Zero Issues with CCI Pistol or Rifle primers in Chaos or Titan
  18. 115 MG JHP 10.6g of SWMP 1.160 OAL CCI 400 (small rifle)
  19. Did some more work with SW Major Pistol today and 115gr MG JHP. Pretty awesome load. I did take couple quick videos and put them together Full Speed and Slo Mo trying to see if video can capture the difference in 124 load with CFE-P and 115 Load with SW Major Pistol. Difference in how it felt and tracked was pretty major. SWMP load was softer, way flatter, faster recovery and very minimal and predictable dot movement and tracking. SW Major Pistol load also preferred Medium to Light Grip Pressure. Let me know if you can see anything. Its a little far i know i know.
  20. Are you talking about Shooters World Major Pistol powder? Are you sure you are not mixing up names or charge numbers? My Chaos 9 Major takes 9.7 gr of Major Pistol @ 1.167 to make 170pf with 124gr MG CMJ
  21. After Match is done. Everyone helps to break down. Once its all done and if there is time. Pick up your brass. This is why I shoot 9Major. (I do buy new brass for Major Matches only) I like to just worry about shooting. I cant imagine shooting 38SC ... we let 38SC guys pick up their brass after they shot the stage or anytime really. Poor souls .
  22. CCI SPP vs SRP makes about 10fps difference in my gun
  23. This is very odd indeed. Just by looking at the behavior it looks like you got one SLOOOOW batch of SWMP. I purchased my latest case of SWMP from MidSouth SS few weeks ago. Gun - Atlas Chaos 9Major Brass - FC Primer - CCI SRP Bullet - MG 124 CMJ @ 1.165 Shooters World Major Pistol 9.6 - 170pf 9.7 - 171pf Silhouette 7.6 - 171pf CFE-P 7.2 - 172pf
  24. I run SV Tubes, Gram Springs/Followers and TTI base pads for my 170 and 140 mags for PT Frame/Evo Grip built gun
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