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  1. Well... Hold on a second. I have a friend that is from Africa and is now a US citizen. He's from South Africa and is Caucasian. He is an African American. So, not all African Americans are black. And he does consider himself African American. He served in the South African army and is big into shooting sports. Your "nonsense" is a generalization that you are using to classify anyone that may be an African American as black. Which is far from reality. Besides, who cares? We are all Americans. And if we all are not, who cares. Let go out and shoot, have a great time, make some friends, and possibly introduce someone new to the sport. Be they purple with white polka dots, green, orange or sky blue.
  2. Sleddog30


    The idiot that wrote this missed one thing. He says him not obeying traffic rules won't kill someone, wrong. If he pulls the crap he stated, and hits someone on a motorcycle, like me, he could seriously injure or kill me. These folks do think they own the road. They were restricted from using a long bridge in my area because of safety concerns. The cycle community got the restriction removed. And what happen the very next day? 2 were killed because they were ridding in the traffic lane instead of the newly mark bicycle lane, at night. They insist on traveling the very narrow roads along the river. They ride double and triple wide on roads that have a 55 mph speed limit and wonder why drivers almost run them over. I guess they don't realize that the clothes they wear, I'm sure they think they look cool wearing shirts that look like they have sponsors, do nothing to enhance their safety. One of the rules of the road is to be see and be seen. So how about wearing a safety vest in orange or yellow? No wait, that's not cool looking. They need to look like they are competing in the Tour de France. Or perhaps they are all doping. They participate in the world most doped up sport. That may explain why the act and ride the way they do.
  3. Dusted Compass - PhuturePrimitive on Pandora Thumprint.
  4. I picked up and EMP4 yesterday. I cleaned and lube it (slide glide where needed). Ran 500 rounds thru in a 3 hour range session. Broke it down, no wear I can see, everything locks up nice and tight. Next week it will get another 500 round run thru it shooting some fun matches. Only one malfunction, slide failed to lock back at the end of the first mag. Once it hits 2000 runs it will going in to my carry rotation. I think this one will hold up well.
  5. Safety goes off when it's in front off me. Stays off for reloads.
  6. For dry fire/par times practice I use the Surefire Shottimer app. That's about all its good for. You really can not hear it during live fire unless it's right next to your ear protection. It's possible to set the db detection, but it's a pain to get right. The app is free.
  7. Sleddog30

    Sig MPX

    You still can't skirt the SBR issue. ATF has decided firing from the shoulder with the arm brace is a no-no. I'm waiting for a Sig collapsing stock. My LGS says it's on the way and should come in next week. My form 1 is pending. I filed it early to get past some of the wait time. The gun is a pistol version with no arm brace. I've had it for 6 weeks and not fired it. I'm waiting for the stock, the approval and to get the lower engraved. While I'm waiting my LGS has one set up as a SBR in the same configuration mine will be, and I've been shooting it quite a bit. It's set up with an Aim Point and a short fore grip.. It runs great. I'm looking forward to getting mine completed. As a side note, firing while holding the arm brace on the cheek and off the shoulder appears to be ok. My LGS has asked a couple folks shooting with MPXs with arm braces to leave after seeing them shooting from the shoulder. Check out this link to the ATF sight about arm braces. https://www.atf.gov/file/11816/download
  8. Kenmore Elite top loader hi efficiency large capacity. Average cycle time about an hour. You can even stuff a king size quilt in it.
  9. Christmas Day @ 2 pm 88, east central Florida across from the Cape. Every morning since last Monday at 5 am 72 +/- 2 degrees. It's been so hot, the snow birds are staying in their houses with the a/c running.
  10. Compact with FDE upper and lower, night sights, 499 out the door.
  11. Had my knees replaced, right 3 years ago, left 2 years ago. The pain is gone, I have great mobility in my right knee. My right tibia plateau was fractured 16 years ago and I could not walk long distances or stand very much. Now I'm 95% of were I was before the fracture. My left was destroyed by the issues with my right knee. The left is now 100%. I can run on them, but I don't like to. I can kneel, but don't because of the numbness the surgery caused. It just feels too wierd. Overall the replacements were a good choice for me. I compete, but I know my limitations. And that's fine. For me it's enough to just be doing the best I can at a match.
  12. My themed collection is 1911s. Old, new makes no difference. But I'm partial to Colts. 7 colts and 5 from other manufactures so far.
  13. Got 2 from my LGS for less the 16.00 each including tax. I've run about 250 rounds thru each one. No issues or problems to this point. The lack of a metal liner or witnesses holes, for me, is not an issue.
  14. I have the same round gauge dive computer! My set of Poseiden and Sherwood regulators are still in good shape. I have no idea why I keep my stuff either. Perhaps it's time to donate it to a museum.
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