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  1. Competition is never a bad thing! Just looking at pictures of it, kindof looks Mark7 knock-off-ish. Looks like maybe some cast components which, if done and machined well would be ok. Being a Mark 7 owner (very early model and fairly in-expensively updated to current parts), the mark 7 exhibits very fine machining and engineering IMO. This would undercut them in price by a bit. But rules of economics make me think there would be some compromises compared to Mark 7 in some way or another but by how much I could only guess. That being said, it could easily be something I might want to add to the reloading room.
  2. Hey, uh, this is my 51st post. So, about that link? : ) : )
  3. I did that for a while too. I'm going to be switching to the automated system soon when I can get my stuff set up in our new house next year.
  4. I noticed that with very small spherical powder it would pick it up, but I sprayed some static cling on it (and wiped excess off) and that made it significantly better. Using that with VV powder made it work quite nice.
  5. Ha! Just got mine a few minutes ago too. Just based on looking at it, the level of machining detail on the aluminum housing, and polymer part, appear flawless. No burrs or anything. It'll take me some time before i'm able to test it out. But just by judging the manufacturing it looks like its worth what it cost.
  6. Well this is certainly good to hear. I've heard of the PAL for a long time but thought it wasn't made anymore. That is, until this thread.
  7. Well I just ordered one after contacting Umberto on facebook. Easy to deal with. Used paypal to send 190 euros, so $221, which includes shipping. I really hope its good! I have no problem paying extra for something if its well made and just works. I've suffered the hornady and vibraprime long enough.
  8. I just ordered the autodrive for my manual evo. So would you guys still do two pass even if rollsizing prior? The reason I asked is that I bought a rollsizer recently as well. Haven't had a chance to load with rollsized brass.
  9. @Steyrarms That's fantastic, I'll send you a PM! Thank you! I can let you know how it prints and fits.
  10. @Steyrarms If you need someone to test print one of those 9mm stands let me know! ; ) I have a 9mm system, and recently bought a spare for 223. I have a Prusa mk2S printer. I really wish I had time to build models for stuff like that!
  11. I was initially going to get one but decided to wait. I may have to get one eventually. But the silicone idea doesn't worry me too much. Silicone is quite inert, right? Whatever they use to lube primers in the factory probably wouldn't be any less reactive I would think. Once the propellant evaporates there probably isn't much reactive stuff in these silicone spray lubes. But 6 months to a year is all I'd store my reloads for. If I want to stash away ammo I just typically keep it factory.
  12. Fascinating. We lube brass. Some people lube bullets. Now to lube primers? Doing it in the manner described (not spraying primers directly) shouldn't get much if any "lube" inside the primer compound I would think. And who's to say that the primer manufacturers don't also lube the metal cups at some point? It seems like this sort of thing would help primers move along their journey through a progressive press and into the case. I'm interested to see how this method develops.
  13. Also ordered. Hopefully I can retire the vibraprime
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