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  1. I have seen the MBX caspian mags in action and i think youll be pleased with the performance!
  2. I use the CR speed carriers for limited and love them. Theyre pretty common for limited for open and limited as well as the DAA racer carriers.
  3. I garuntee you will be happy with MBX. Ive been running them for the past year and they have never failed me. I run .40 and all of the mags hold 20 reloadable and 21 seatable (not reloadable). Meaning you can start with 22 if you need it and reload into 20. Give them a shot! I think youll like them!
  4. That bedell gun is gonna look badass when its all back together. Be sure to lost pictures when its done!
  5. Really liking the way he does the flat tops with the ladder cuts
  6. Any more pictures? I love that gun! Ive kinda been stalking it on some different posts and sites haha. Mine will be a blacked out sight tracker with the same cuts on a long rail frame with an SV steel grip. I cant wait!
  7. So im about 3 months into my 6 month wait for my cheely limited gun and i was curious to see some cheely limited guns that you guys might have ?
  8. I just picked up my first 2011 (STI executive) and ran it at a match with the same loads i use in my glock 35 (1.125 OAL) and it only had one failure to go into battery (which i think was caused by the mag because i set that specific mag aside the rest of the match and had no problem.) Other than that it ran great. And thats pretty impressive seeing as the ammo was loaded shorter than a lot of people would run in a 2011 and they were .401 diamter lead bullets through a non throated barrel.
  9. Been a member on here for a while but never introduced myself. Started shooting USPSA about a year ago and im hooked. Ive spent stupid amounts of money feeding my addiction since then and dont regret a dime!
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