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  1. I believe a in order to be legal in CO it has to start out as legal in Production. Different frame would automatically DQ in CO. Would only qualify for Open with an optic or possibly Limited (10) without optic. But OP was inquiring about Open so then it would be legal. SDTMatch40
  2. I believe the Glock Store offered a universal mount that attracted to the accessory rail or any pistol to mount a stationary red dot. I haven't looked lately but might be worth investigating. Regards, SDTMatch40
  3. Just a thought, the C More Slideride was originally designed to ride "on the slide" of a Glock, so it should withstand the abuse if you mounted directly to your slide. Good luck with your project, SDTMatch40
  4. I would like to know what the CM comes with from the factory, I've read all different numbers. Whatever mine came with has run whatever I put in it. My major USPSA loads (172 power factor) down to my minor PCC load ( 128 power factor 147 grain) have run without issue, along with misc. factory rounds. I would like to try some other springs to tune to my loads for major & minor load for steel challenge, but I don't know what to try without knowing what's in it for a baseline. Open to suggestions.
  5. Late response, if you haven't done so already get the one for Stock II. The Stock III is unique because of the "rail" built into frame. (underside of dustcover) All the other square trigger guard frames do not have accessory rails.
  6. I went with a JP J Point . The main reason was weight, it is less than .5 oz (1/2 ounce) which made it easy to stay under 45oz on the Stock II for USPSA carry optics class using a dovetail mount instead of milling slide. In comparison the fastfire III is 1 oz and Delta Point Pro is almost 2 oz. Luckily I was able to find a used 1 with the Stock II mount for a great price. It supposedly had over 10k rounds on it when I received it & I have put close to 4k in it without any problems. I also like that it uses a light sensor to adjust brightness (which actually works compared to my cmore STS2 auto brightness) and is always on unless you put the cover on for storage. I have had it about a year now and haven't needed to replace the battery yet. The only down side is if your shooting from a relatively dark area (like indoor shoot house) into a bright background, the sensor dims the dot and the brightness outside at the target washes out the dot. Other than that I've been very satisfied with it.
  7. Your buddies Canik is a terrible option for you!! Send ME his info & I will take it off his hands. lol Just kidding, that would be a perfect combination to start with, it's a great price and gives you the option to shoot 2 different classes or as others have said sell the red dot. The gun shoots fine out of the box, only problem I've had is the stock recoil spring is to heavy for lower power factor handloads. If you run factory ammo is fine, or change recoil assm. as others have mentioned. Just do it, and have fun, you will decide what modifications you need as you go & get better. Welcome to the sport, have fun.
  8. @kneelingatlas I will hold off on the barrel for now, please keep me informed on your progress, I would like to get this done asap. Thanks for your help & insighr!
  9. @kneelingatlas Are you willing to do the work (for a fee of course) or do I need to find someone? If you are willing to do the work, put me down for 1 of the comps. Let me know so I can get a barrel on the way!
  10. @kneelingatlas If I can't use a 9mm LTD cone barrel are the 6" barrels available? If so from who?
  11. @kujo929 Maybe you or someone else can give me some insight. I would like to build a Tanfo for USPSA open class. Would like to use 9mm aa opposed to 38su and if possible convert either my 40. cal LTD ( which I have a 9mm barrel for) or my 9mm Stock II, or combination of both. If possible would like to be able to switch back to original configuration. I may be looking for the impossible, but am open to suggestions. I am staying away from Gold Team V-12 because of what I've read about making Major power factor with that configuration.
  12. @kujo929 Will Cayon Creek comp work with cone barrel? do they sell the comp. or only sell if they install? Is knellingatlas selling the comp. he is designing? will it work on Ltd. frame & slide? Thanks for your help
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