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  1. Thought I would share that Shooter Technology Group just released their RangeTech bluetooth shot timer for $65: http://lasrapp.com/store/rangetech-shot-timer-ios
  2. Exactly, one is cheaper and will always run. The other you pay out the ass for and hope it runs when you need it to. I've used both and much prefer the Scorpion.
  3. Sounds par for the course from what I know about the guy that runs carbon arms... I won't ever do business there. Especially when you have companies like Taccom, MOA, and Nordic.
  4. I've used cool fire stuff. It's expensive, breaks more frequently than it should, and customer service was nonexistent. Also, it simulates recoil but is not anywhere close to being like firing a real round.
  5. Likely it will be hot no matter when you shoot. Definitely nothing like Alaska!
  6. I'm seeing consistent .14 splits with my CZ Scorpion. I tested with my AR and Geissele SSA-E to compare and was getting consistent .14 splits with that too. The limiting factor is me. But I don't see shaving .02s off my splits making a huge difference for me as I have a LOT to improve on elsewhere.
  7. Here's my scorpion Really am liking it for this PCC business. The MRO is awesome as well.
  8. Please provide evidence of "not stabilizing on longer, tighter targets." Until then, it's nothing but an opinion. I have filed a form 1 but it will be a while until it shows up. I don't see how it would be anything other than beneficial to shoot an SBR. Easier around barricades, through ports, less mass to swing, etc.
  9. CZ Scorpion here, been running like a champ for the past 4 months. I only shoot factory ammo, so no load data. Zhukov Stock was a nice upgrade and the CZ custom trigger will be when I get it ordered.
  10. I'm not a fan of the HBi spring kit. The trigger return spring is too week and doesn't always reset. The best thing I have done is put a Zhukov stock on with the Side Project LLC adapter, love the cheek weld I get one it with an MRO. I have Taccom "coupler" and printed the extensions so I'm good on that front. Need to get the taccom mag well and CZ custom trigger and I'll be done with it.
  11. Trijicon MRO here. I had a Vortex Spitfire 1x on it and didnt mind it, but tried a buddies MRO out and it is MUCH better (IMO) than the Spitfire.
  12. I use GCode Scorpion Softshell mag carriers. They work great and are universal, so I can use them for more than just my Scorpion mags. $24.95 with a belt loop attachment https://www.tacticalholsters.com/product/ss_p1.html
  13. I've seen some others on the market. I'm working on one at the moment but don't have anything besides an incomplete cad model at the moment.
  14. That looks awesome. I wonder if just that chassis will ever be available.
  15. 10 yards, six 6" plates , hands at sides with stock glock 17 gen 4 is usually 3.0 a 3.1 on a good day for me.
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