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  1. Choosing muzzle break depends configuration of your rifle and what division you are shooting. There is no such thing that "this one is the best".
  2. For the mrd Take Swaro or Zeiss 1-8 and use it alone or get secondary 1x magnification red dot on side. Rifle World Shoot open division winner had combo system and silver medalist had only 1 scope. Both systems are good to go. Personally I prefer 1 scope system because I do not want to learn new shooting style.
  3. This is my 2017 World Shoot Russia setup which I used also on 2019 Wolrd Shoot Sweden. All settings and adjustments exactly same because I used same ammo on both matches. Both sights are Nord Arms.
  4. No. If you do you will get 1 procedural penalty.
  5. Our national reservist 3gun organization just banned those trigger finger released holsters because of one accident on our national match. Better be safe than sorry. (Lock Block or Lock Sport -locking mechanism holsters like Dasta 720,730,740 ja 750 All trigger finger released holsters like IMI and Serpa)
  6. Official dates: May 28 IROA Level II Seminar May 29 First Aid Seminar - Officials arrive May 30 Officials at the range May 31 Final inspection June 1-3 Pre match June 4 Opening ceremony June 5-10 Main match June 11 Shoot Off and Awards I corrected couple dates of the schedule. Anyone else coming?
  7. It was real nice to see you in the match and have a word for a long time.
  8. I have M1, M2 and 1301. All of them are excellent shotguns for 3gun or shotgun matches. All of them have also Nordic tubes.
  9. It really doesn't matter which of those 2 you are using. I have both. Currently my M1 is made for modified division (comp attached) and 1301 is for standard division. My wife likes more the 1301 than M1 or M2. She is going to use it on Shotgun World Shoot and I will use the M1. Kurt and Trapr, we hope to see you guys there.
  10. Nice. You can have your Bora BR99 for $400-500. I have to pay 1090 euros for it which is aprox $1300. I just ordered mine + 6 10rd metal magazines. SG will arrive Jan-Feb. Same gun in England will cost 630 euros. I hope the gun works so I can forget my Molot Vepr (malfunction factory) on the closet.
  11. Any success bypassing the automatic turn off feature? Has there been any development on disabling the automatic turn off feature? I tried to google, but couldn't find any solutions. Trying to decide between Swarovski z6i 1-6x24 and Leica Magnus 1-6.3x24 and the auto-off seems to be a deal breaker for IPSC usage. Did you read the toiminta-ampujat forum? I think one managed to turn the feature off by removing the battery while the power was on and that trick made the "auto cant power off" feature dissapear.
  12. Geometry of the port opening depends on which hand you are using for loading 2/4. For the weak hand it's different than strong hand (shoulder type loading).
  13. Kurt won senior category on semi auto standard division and got IPSC president medal. It was very nice to meet old friends and make also new ones. Previously I met Kurt and Trapr 2009 ERC match in Norway. I hope you guys enjoyed the match and Salmiakki booze
  14. Raine promised to be there and compete. I think that's the only match he will be shooting this year because of his wrists and shoulder problems.
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