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  1. What does "melted" mean? I have come across this term multiple times ... I got college... but... I don't get this! lol One other thought... has anyone tried to lighten a stock striker by drilling out the center - down the center axis of it? I was thinking about that as I was taking a dremel & cut-off wheel to make grooves in one once. I don't have a drill press so I have not tried it but it would seem that the structural integrity would hold up better then the ones with groves milled in it aka the Rhea mods.
  2. I have the sizer die set up correctly... not sure what else I can do to the speer brass... maybe a bad batch? The press runs through winchester, pmc and others without a hitch.
  3. I am new to reloading 9mm. Has anyone experienced problems with speer brass (once fired) when I run it through my 650 and go to put the 9mm projectile on it drops into the case. I am using lee sizer/decapper, dillon powder and lee seat and factory crimp dies. It only happens with speer. Win is ok no problems. Any suggestions... besides don't us Speer? Thanks all. It has happened with both magtec and win 115gr fmj.
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