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  1. If I wanted a slightly longer barrel in a G19, could I get a G17 barrel and cut it? May be obvious, but I'm a 1911 guy.
  2. The problem I have are all the various references to Mil-Dots, MILS, MRADS, - as if the unit is interchangeable. Certainly it's close, but are all these units in the US really Milli Radians, or the Nato version? I would just like to avoid rounding errors where I can - got enough other variables going ...
  3. Hi folks, been shooting pistol for a while, and now learning rifle ... According to Wikipedia, the Angular Mil is not always 1 MRAD or 1 / 1000 of a radian, but sometimes rounded, such as the 6400 per circle in NATO countries. (Ibid) The exact MRAD unit is 2 PI * 1000 per circle. As far as scope elevation adjustments and reticule Mil-Dots are concerned, do most scope manufacturers honor the exact 6283 unit or the fudged unit?
  4. TreblePlink

    Ruger LC9

    I had an LC9 that would sometimes produce light primer strikes on S&B and PMC ammo. My other nines had no trouble with the same ammo. Wound up getting my money back. YMMV.
  5. World War II by Winston Churchill. I'm on volume six.
  6. I've always felt that serious safety issues are priority one, minor/uncertain issues can be a judgement call, but one certainly should not be spring-loaded to zing shooters. It's my job to manage the stage / squad.
  7. So, what are you telling me Steve ... I shouldn't be thinking I'm a slacker ?
  8. I presume that "a bricked nook" means an unsuccessful attempt rendering it useless?
  9. I've sometimes seen the combination of: A. Timer mic sensitivity turned up too high, and B. The RO failing to withdraw the timer away from the shooter after the last shot, or C. Contact with brass or other hard objects, causing additional time to be recorded. As a competitor, I make a point of clearing the gun quietly, and as an RO, when the shooter is obviously done, holding it at arm's length behind me to get it away from slide racking noises and to allow the scorekeeper to see it right away. (But always get a scorekeeper readback of the time) Much depends upon how sensitive the timer is.
  10. I'm a lowly middle-B limited shooter, and over the last year I seemed to have reached a development plateau - I needed a boost. I've been through a couple of two-day “lots-of-shooting” classes with famous trainers, and dryfire lessons looked interesting. Steve had posted his availability on this forum – offering dryfire “tune ups” at very reasonable cost, and the drive from my home in Kentucky would be a modest road trip. I opted for a full Saturday. ... This was a few months ago, and I've been a slacker. I initially did do 30 minutes a day per Steve's prescription - for about 3 weeks, now I'm only doing it sporadically. BUT I'm here to tell you, (and nobody was more surprised than me) it works. Just this little bit, after a couple of months has made a noticeable difference. My draw was faster when I left Steve's basement; but my splits are now faster, and I recently shot some match stages with hit factors never before achieved. I'm a believer! Now if I can just repent from slackerdom and do more dry-fire!
  11. All three of the Bowling Green crew will be there. Starting to look like the wx might be nice too...
  12. Similar to the cheapest ones I've ever seen (elegant design) - which were made from cut rebar for the "H" and 3 inch high pieces of rectangular steel tubing welded on for the verticals.
  13. The third match I shot was the Single Stack Classic, which is now the SS Nationals. I learned a lot during that match, met and watched some top shooters, and got some really good advice. Be safe, and let your squadmates know you're a newbie and welcome advice.
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