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  1. Yes. I have a 19 MOS.
  2. Just buy a Colt spring in case you mess up. Not likely. I don't think it's as dangerous as the previous post leads on. Just tweak the pull down to 2.5-3 and test for hammer follow, etc. Load only a few rounds in each mag a for a bit until you're sure the gun won't double.
  3. I'm new to shooting and reloading. I have 3 kids and not much time like yourself. I use a Lee Classic Turret w/Lee pro autodisk, 1200 tumbler, RCBS hand primer. I only shoot 200+/- per week. I break it down like this. -Sort and clean brass one day 1 hr -Size and deprime another day 1 hr -Prime at the couch another day 30 mins -Charge, seat and box up the last day 1-1.5 hrs Shoot on the weekend
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