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  1. What specific parts of the barrel, slide, frame should I photograph?
  2. Stardust Tommy, I have no idea what you just said. mcattack, hood is not tight, its a bull barrel and the slide seems to move fine. Could it be the lugs? As the barrel heats up, could it swell and become to tight in the slide?
  3. I finished my first 2011 build. To my surprise it actually shoots and it is more accurate than I am. I am having some reliability issues, though. First issue is a sticking of the slide. When to the gun starts to get hot after a few rounds, the slide begins to get stuck in battery and it takes a lot of force to rack the slide and eject the spent casing. When the gun cools down again, seems to work fine for a bit. Any ideas on why this is happening?
  4. Rogue Tactical, thank you for the offer. I wish I had payed more attention and gotten your offer earlier. I have feet cut and every thing is assembled now. Thanks again for the offer.
  5. I need some help. I have built my first 2011. I have gotten everything except for cutting the lower barrel lug. Is there someone who would help me cut the lug or at least let me rent their lug cutter? Or am I asking crazy questions?
  6. I did not get mine completed. The frame was to wide for the STI grip, causing the grip to flair out at the top. The two pieces didn't seem all that close to fitting. The SPS beavertail would not fit the grip either. Hammer strut and hammer spring where atypical sizes. With all that being said, I am building a complete lower 2011. I am hoping I can fit an SPS upper to a CK Arms frame. WE'll see. Good luck. Give it a try see if you can fit a STI grip on there.
  7. I have a SPS Pantera in .40, I tried to switch to a STI frame so I can play with stippling. The STI grip was very tight and reassembly did not go right. Does SPS use a different set of dimension than other 2011 makers? The whole process did not work as well as I had hoped. Any advice would be welcome.
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