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  1. Hope someone told him not to come back?
  2. I've shot an FNS for 4 years now in production and CO with the MS, would suck to have to start using that tiny safety ( which an RO would have to be really looking close to see if it was on or off )! I actually have both the MS and non MS so guess I'll be swapping frames to the non MS for my match gun.
  3. How often do you work on your draws without actually pulling the trigger? Taking that "eagerness to break the shot" away may help out?
  4. Had my full rig in my carry on, got pulled aside for secondary screening. No issues but got a little nervous when they started swabbing stuff for explosives!
  5. So took the wife on vacation to Orlando and mixed in a day of shooting at the Florida Open. My first "big" match and was pretty nervous at the start but had settled down by our second stage. By the time we got to our 8th stage things were a little backed up so had plenty of time to burn the stage in my memory, first array, three paper and a popper that opened the port which mail functioned on my first run, so I top off while they made repairs and felt good about stepping right back up and going (probably should have just let the next guy go), made it to second port and did pretty good on some long poppers, paper and swinger, went to move on when I realized I had forgotten a single target tucked to one side! Slammed on the brakes to step back and engage it when I here Stop! Apparently I 180 when I hit the brakes. Well of course I was crushed but as I turn around to leave the stage there is Dave Sevigny, he shakes my hand and complements me on how well I handled it, then he notes I'm shooting an FN and wants my address so he can send me a little something from them, we then had a brief conversation about mags, sights, and how I liked my FNS. Well all I have to say is what a super nice guy to have taken the time to approach me and take a little sting out of my first DQ and give me a cool story for the locals when they ask how the open went!
  6. No, cost got a little prohibitive so decided on Florida, coming down on Monday and doing Universal Studios for 3 days, shooting on Friday and hoping to take a drive over to USA on Thursday afternoon and check it out.
  7. So this will be my first big out of state match, do they usually make the stage diagrams available before the match, and if so how far in advance?
  8. So thinking of adding some shooting to a vacation! Has anyone shot the Jamaica Invitational and how was the experience?
  9. So I shoot an FNH FNS in Limited 10, they make models both with and without a safety. My question, do i have to use it if it has one?
  10. I'd Like in, at like 24% after 6 classifiers, couple bad outings when I started out but better lately! TY81349
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