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  1. I've been eying the new daa, I'm using the ghost right now. Thinking it's time to give the daa a try!
  2. Lilmick


    Are you running open or limited? Interested to know if you have any problems running them in open. Some folks are saying that they've had some feeding issues in the open guns.
  3. I have not read that before, thank you for sharing!
  4. I always try and get to the range about 30 mins early so that I can get a quick walk through the stages before others show up. It's not much time but it will at least give you an idea of the stages and possibly how to come up with a good plan of attack.
  5. I can't count how many times I have hit the mag release upon initial draw or the after the first shot. I have been trying to work on this during dryfire a lot lately.
  6. I have had my mags fall out but it was on the initial draw and my fat left hand hits the mag release. I have done it a couple of times however, have been practicing a lot of dryfore to keep that to a minimum.
  7. At all local matches I bring 300rds. Haven't had any issues coming close to using them all yet however, after reading this a lot of folks that have been shooting a lot longer than me double up. Looks like more time on the press for me.
  8. Yellow jackets are no joke, in swell up like a balloon. I can only imagine trying to shoot a COF with a big Shrek hand lol.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. Should have only been 1 procedural with two mikes.
  10. I would have to agree, something about shooting outside when it's cold enough to snow not for this guy lol.
  11. Same here except mine was the front sight. Put a new Dawson front sight on my limited gun without any locktite ?. Won't be doing that again.
  12. Have done the exact same thing under different circumstances. Was the last shooter on a COF finished shooting and walked to the next stage. Pulled my mags out to reload and they are calling my name to shoot (1st shooter on this stage). Walked up and without checking my mags made ready. A mistake I hope doesn't happen again. But hey we live and learn.
  13. I run the ghost holster, fortunately I haven't had this happen yet. But it does worry me between stages and when helping reset COF.
  14. I do not know right off hand as I shoot a 38sc, but I will get with the guys that shoot 9 and get you a couple different load options. I will pm you when I get them.
  15. Would have never thought of this, but this is a great idea thanks!
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