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  1. 8.2gr hs6 173PF 9gr 8N38 175PF 1.16” PVD once I make up my mind on color scheme. yeah I’ll put the screw in last
  2. SHE IS DONE! Still in the white, but she shoots like a dream.
  3. Yeah, this little beast is all steel and the magwell is brass... We shall see
  4. Oh! I didnt realize that you were in the Atl area! I am picking this up in a week or so, guy (CJ Smith from Sky Customs) is in OH. I'll meet up with you and let you shoot it as much as you want so you can get a feel and the features you want for yours.
  5. Well, guess I am going to learn the hard way LOL I am trying to defy the laws of physics and make it feel like a 22 Well if it really comes down to it ill 3D Print a magwell and swap. 1 month or so I hope Thank you thank you
  6. Hey Gang! Anyone has a good maintenance schedule? Like, Mag Spring every X rounds Main Spring every Y rounds etc etc Thanks!
  7. Are you marking because you are shooting 38SC?
  8. Yeah... I think will definitely develop some muscle after wielding this thing Did I mentioned that I also have a Brass magwell lol
  9. Sad to report, I think CJ said about 4 months...
  10. Quick update on the project! All parts are in, now the wait begins... =( Made some last min changes, 5" Hybrid Bull Barrel picked up some DP 124 JHP and some HS-6 to go with it. Probably will start a 8 grains at 1.150
  11. MBX Cause they just f'ing work
  12. Glad to have found this thread! When you guys measure the bullet with a JHP, do you guys measure from the flat. of the rim to the flat of the JHP? Or do I need to use something like the Hornady Comparator that measure from the ogive. I need to develop a load that would work for both these guns using: HS-6 and DP 124 JHP. - Open 2011 middy, with 3 port comp and two 3/16 poppel holes - CZ CM Factory Thanks!
  13. It did cross my mind! Last time I did that with a CZ TS... It cam back a very ghetto blaster
  14. Thank you guys! After mucho consideration... I will swap the barrel to a 5" Hybrid. Interesting, never even considered Atlas to get me a slide, I was going to wait for a Caspian or STI. CANT WAIT FOR THIS! In the meantime... I guess I can start thinking of color schemes... I have too many black and red gun... need to switch it up!
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