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  1. I don't know of any fiber optic fronts available for the SOCOM. It uses a special height front sight that does not interchange with the standard 22" barrel. Check with Smith Enterprises. I think that they make a flash hider block that allows a standard .580" height to be used on the SOCOM. Other wise, you are out of luck. The factory height for the SOCOM is .725".
  2. I prefer to reload. My CZ75B likes 124gr bullets better than 115's, and I can't find a good deal on factory 124 FMJ. I buy either Montan Gold or Zero 124's and load with a max charge of Titegroup. Shoots good, moderate recoil, and the CZ just eats it up.
  3. 165gr Zero JHP WSP Primer 5.6 gr Titegroup 1.185 OAL 178 PF
  4. Not true. The Texas flag can be flown at the same height as the US flag.
  5. The Dawson pad for Para mags will fit on a carry length (120 mm) mag and will work on a gun with a magwell. It adds considerable length to the mag, but it is just a bit short of being 140mm. Monte
  6. Anybody know when the scores are gonna be posted?
  7. Tactical Irons Rifle-20" DPMS Fluted stainless barrel, JP handguard and trigger, QC brake, XS same plane rear aperture, DPMS NM front sight Shotgun-Benelli M1 Super 90, 21" vent rib with XS sights Pistol-STI short heavy dust cover, .40 S&W Bull barrel, lightened slide, nickel plated by Jimmy Mitchell, XS bigdot sights Monte edited because I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached
  8. Three guys on squad 5 used Beta mags on stage 4. One of them worked fine, the other two died and hurt both shooters pretty bad. I had one with me, but I never used it. I didn't see any stage where the Beta would have offered me any real advantage. The way the stages were set up, you had plenty of time to make a reload.
  9. Congrats to Matt, Daniel and Pat Kelly. The RM3G was a great match! The stages were interesting (and pretty tough, especially the 300 yd targets with iron sights). The match staff was great! I'm already looking forward to going next year.
  10. The Duke in War Wagon after getting his Colt back: "The Pistol is mine. The bullets belong to him. He can come get 'em anytime."
  11. I had an STI 40 do that about 5 weeks ago. I went to clear a malfunction, and BOOM! The round detonated. My left hand was overhanging the ejection port and the blast took a chunk of skin off. No brass or lead fragments in my hand thankfully. It just wasn't any fun (read: reeeeaaalllly painful) to do reloads for about the first three weeks.
  12. Express means that it has parkerized finished and either synthetic or satin finished stock. It is the least expensive of the 870's. The Wingmasters are typically high polish blued with polished stocks that are higher grade wood than the express line. The 870 is a durable, reliable tool that many sportsmen and police officers have used for years. I'd say get it and get to shooting.
  13. At one time there was a thread on how to modify the Dillon powder measure for smoother operation. Where did it go?
  14. We got a little bit of rain and some hail about five minutes after everyone left for the day on Sunday. Thanks to all of the shooters for helping tape and set steel as fast as ya'll did. It helped us RO's immensely. By the way, weren't the two guys running Stage 2 just awesome RO's? Monte (Stage 2 RO)
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