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  1. I read every post but didn't see anyone else mention production!
  2. He's nice until your head is in his mouth!
  3. Angus told me one time that he shoots with one eye open and knows several GMs who do the same. Ive never been able to shoot with both eyes open either, due to the almost neutral dominance of both eyes. I'm not a M shooter but doubt you will see any benefit.
  4. WOW!!! That was way too technical!
  5. Thanks for your responses. I recently shot a qualification course with my current prescription and the 25 yard line went fine. The front sight focus took some well...focus! Since the front sight was a little blurry I had to concentrate and not focus on the target too much. I plan on going to the doctor this week and getting another prescription. I'm beginning to think a weaker prescription might even be better for everyday use. I have this effect where I try to look under my glasses while walking since my near vision is fine. If not I find myself a little off balance. MGardner, I have read that the reason your vision is blurry after taking off your glasses is not due to the weakening of your eyes but rather a mind trick. Your mind gets used to seeing things clearly and doesn't adjust back. Without your glasses your mind tries its best to make things clear but may delete details it thinks are not needed. Weird! Not sure if that's true or not. Grapemeister, A blurry A zone (or target) is ok if you know where the A zone (or center) is. If you can't see the target well enough to find the center it's not a blurry A zone it's a ghost A zone. Just for reference, I've been shooting USPSA for almost twenty years. Thanks for the input!
  6. Note to self: Ignore what Ayoob says! DONE!
  7. Come on, one problem at a time. Yeah, my transitions suck too. But, But, the transitions are more important for shooting fast. As said above you can shoot .20-.25 splits with clean transitions and still kick tail. Work on that and forget the pop, pop, hesitation, pop, pop. Sounds fast, reads slow (on timer)!!!
  8. What's IDPA? Haha! Let me guess, you have thick hands. I'm sure your thumb is still holding down the slide release. I had this same problem with a 34 even after I switched the slide release. Are you now using the factory non extended release? My release was slightly bent out and was hitting my thumb. The release should be protected by the raised area on the frame, check to see if the release is bent outward.
  9. As I've aged my ability to see far away objects has diminished. Just recently I found my 25 yard groups spreading out. I started to analyze this and wondered what the solution was. My front sight is nice and crisp but the target is blurry. In my mind, I said this is what you want for proper sight alignment on difficult shots. Upon further analysis, I decided my target was blurry enough to prevent me from fine tuning my point of aim such as the A zone or 10 ring. I went to the range today to try and determine my best course of action to resolve this problem. I shot groups without my prescription glasses, with prescription glasses and with one prescription lense covering my non-dominant eye (I typically squint my non-dominant eye). Shooting with the lense covering my non-dominant eye and both eyes open was the worst, so it's a no go. The groups with the other two were very similar with the point of impact slightly higher without prescription lenses. I think, due to my concentration, I was still able to shoot decent groups with and without the glasses. However, as my eyes get tired my groups without the glasses start to spread out. The drawback to the prescription glasses is they make my front sight slightly blurry. After careful consideration, I've decided a prescription slightly weaker (than my current one) might give me the proper compromise between a crisp front sight and being able to see the target clear enough to determine the center. Anyone who has had this experience have any ideas?
  10. While shooting with one of the top production shooters, I asked him about shooting with both eyes open. He confessed to squinting his non dominant eye and told me several other top shooters did the same thing. So, I don't think it is necessary to change anything.
  11. Buy more bullets and practice more!!! There is no such thing as "natural" point of aim. No one is born with a "natural" point of aim. I think people get too far into the woods with semantics when they would be better served with more range time.
  12. Reference the top of your sight to the top of the target's shoulders and the sides of your sights with the edges of the target. Make sure you have the same distance for every shot. Eventually these reference points will be ingrained in your subconscious. This works for me especially since the target at 25 is blurry even before I focus on my sights. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  13. I didn't want the tape covering my eye all day while walking around the range. I came up with a solution. I bought a pair of "old people" clip on sunglasses and pulled the lenses off the clip I then took a plastic lense out of a pair of safety glasses. I scuffed the lense with sandpaper and drilled holes to match the clip and used epoxy to attach it to the clip. Then I can clip it on my glasses and raise the lense when not shooting. This keeps my head from hurting at the end of the day.
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