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  1. I'm a flipper catcher, but then I always re-rack the slide so RO can see. I will admit, when I was a new shooter, I started with a da/sa pistol. I was dropping the hammer with my decocker for a number of matches before a smarter than me RO pointed out that I needed to pull the trigger. Obviously I was doing the wrong thing, but I mever really thought about it until he mentioned it to me.
  2. L ooked at the load data for Autocomp and I dont see any 9mm that takes a 7grn charge of Autocomp. I loaded some 124 Xtreme with 4.something and they shot pretty well. the only thing even close to that charge is 6.5 for a 90 gr bullet. Where is this load from? seems high based on their web load data.
  3. There is a guy at a local steel matcht hat regularly shot it with a Luger. He even won with it. Another guy shot it with a snubbe 5 shot s&w. I want to shoot it with my 629 one da but I will have to use 44spl as no magnums are allowed
  4. If you add the 6 classification stages you get 83.42 which is less than 85 but more than 75 so that would be Class A. Correct?
  5. I saw that, but it seems like all the CZ Custom sights require a new hammer
  6. Well, that excitement was short-lived. looks like they don't make the Williams for the CZ75B Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. i like those Williams sights. I am going to look into it Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. maybe a dumb question, but why most competitive rear sights, black blade types as opposed to fiber optic sights in the rear? i want to upgrade the sights on my CZ75B and have been looking into the 2 dot FO rear sights but most (all?) comp sights seem to be a solid black with no FO.
  9. As I understand the classification system ranks you on the best times of 6 stages from an match. Is this correct? If that is the case, does that mean that once a level of classification is reached, you can never go down in Classification? Also, what happens if you have not shot all 6 stages. Say the first tiem you shoot a steel challenge and they do not have all 6 of the classifying stages? Does that mean that you do not get ranked ? Thanks in advance.
  10. It's a great league. Lots of fun and very well run, especially this year with the addition of the electronic scoring. It used to take weeks to get the results back (Not bashing the guys that run it. I know they are all volunteers and had to score all the stages manually). Now you get them back sometimes that same day. If you can make it out, I highly recommend it.
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