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  1. Yes, let's start over! Thanks for the welcome. I've been reading the forum for a while and really enjoy the info here. I've been a recreational shooter for the past two years, mostly just target shooting at the range though. I've yet to compete. I really just enjoy tinkering with my pistols and upgrading/modifying them. I do plan on doing some shooting matches in the future. This is my current pistol. I've almost got her the way I want her...
  2. First time poster. I was unaware. I have seen others post things for sale in this forum. I see WTS and WTB posts on here weekly. I wasnt intentionally violating the rules, if anything I unknowingly violated the rules.
  3. I never attempted to post in the classifieds. I only posted here. It won't allow you to post links if you are a new member.
  4. First time poster, won't allow me to post links, hence the reason for "dot com".
  5. Sorry for posting here, but I felt it might be lost in the classifieds... For sale: EAA/tanfoglio limited custom upper in 45 ACP with Henning front fiber optic sight. Low round count, maybe less than 100. This slide/barrel combo is in excellent shape. Asking $650. Please post or PM any questions! Pictures available at link below. Change "dot" to "." s12.photobucket dot com /user/chaffin27/library/Mobile%20Uploads
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