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  1. The 9L is approved for Production. Ported guns (with a non-ported barrel) are approved for Production. The 10098 is a 9L with a ported slide, but is also cut for a dot. Since the model designation isn't changed, would it be Production legal? https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/performance-center-ported-mp-9-0
  2. I believe I've seen this addressed before with CZs but couldn't remember what the consensus was (and it was a bit different anyway because it dealt with the CZ custom shop). An internally modified M&P trigger that moves the "at rest" position of the trigger further back from it's normal at rest position.....Production legal or not?
  3. So does anyone know what was decided at the BOD meeting?
  4. So when would we hear what they decide at the BOD meeting? And if they decide to change the rules, when would the change take effect?
  5. Since everybody feels entitled to decide should have Doug's gun, I vote that Doug should have it. I posted too late. Good on you Doug.
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