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  1. Does anyone know exactly where Alliant Sport Pistol Powder is on the Burn Rate Chart? I know its somewhere around Tightgroup, N320 and such but it would be nice to know where about it truly is.
  2. Need to make Power for sure and wouldn't mind having something to reach out and bring somewhat of an okay group at 100yrds or so.
  3. Good Afternoon Folks, I am not new to reloading for Pistols for competitions but an now getting into PCC. I am looking for some good reloading concencus specific to PCC. I am wondering what you competition shooters are running in your rigs. For my pistols am running 3.8gr of Aliant Sport Pistol under a 124/5gr Blue Bullet. Works great out of my CO and Production Guns. I have shot quite a few out of my Ruger and PSA PCC guns and it "OK" but maybe i can do keeping my Dot Still. I have read through most of the posts on here already and did get a little information. I am
  4. Anyone have any real world experience with the new Alliant Sport Pistol Powder yet? Burn rate? 9mm and .40 for USPSA and Steel Challenge. I am always willing to tinker and experiment but would like a good starting point for reference http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/06/07/new-alliant-sport-pistol-powder/
  5. Thanks guys. I had figured the loads i had read about were about right and you guys just solidified it. I will be picking up some 115grainers this weekend at the Lebanon PA gunshow and i have a 4 day weekend next weekend to load em up.
  6. I was able to score some Red Dot Powder (YAY ). I am getting ready to load up some 9mm loads and can only find data from the older Alliant load sheets. My Lyman 49th manual does not have any published data for this powder for 9mm. I know it will work, maybe not the best but it should do ok for around 1500 plinking rounds. Does anyone use this powder now a days and can offer me up some load data that they use on the regular to help me work up some good loads? I have not purchased any projectiles yet so let me know what would work well in my M&P Pro 5in.
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