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  1. Whatever the local skate shop sold me. They only sold chunks for board decks so I have enough to last me forever. Was like $5 or something. Doesn't fall off and takes a while for the grit to wear off.
  2. Leupold put together a pretty good article on common scope design misunderstandings. https://www.leupold.com/leupold-core/core-knowledge/articles/top-5-optics-myths-explained
  3. Exit pupil is really the only driver of objective size. At 8x 40mm would be awesome but ~25mm is pretty serviceable. 32mm would be perfect.
  4. Jakobi


    I'm at 5gr with a Bear Creek 200gr. 170-175PF.
  5. Yeah, poly coating is your "lube" so poly coated bullets with a lube groove are a holdover from molds intended to be used as standard cast with lube. As molds wear out, companies are switching to non-groove designs (because you don't need the groove). There are no issues with using non-grooved coated bullets.
  6. I load for a minimum of 5 over desired power factor with my nominal bullet weight. My projectiles typically come in heavy so I'm usually 5-10 over desired PF. Plenty of room for error for me. Three last thing I want to do is travel to a major match and not make declared power factor.
  7. I use the Hornady collet puller for breaking down corrosive surplus ammo for the components. I use an inertia puller for everything else. I haven't had much luck with pulling coated or lead bullets with the collet puller and not damaging the bullet.
  8. Turrets are a good first press. My first was an old Rockchucker but I was going to be reforming brass so my priority was a strong press frame.
  9. I have a Gen 1 Henderson Precision Tri-trim for .223 and a Forster trimmer for everything else.
  10. Mine is 42.5 oz on my kitchen scale and 42.625 oz the last time it was weighed for a match. I like the .5 oz buffer. Leaves plenty of room for error.
  11. My vote is for airsoft knockoff. YMMV
  12. The point of Production was that someone could go to the store today and the range tomorrow and be competitive within their division (it has evolved a bit beyond that at this point). Correlated class in 3-gun would be something like Tac-optics. I see plenty of guys use their Production guns for this division. 9mm is popular because of increased magazine capacity and lack of hit factor scoring.
  13. Henderson Precision Tri-trim now has a powered option. Uses Forster collets and cutting heads. https://www.hendersonprecision.com/product-page/gen-2-powered-case-trimmer
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