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  1. The 22 TCM I used to have, used 38 super mags for both 22 TCM and 9mm.
  2. Not exactly the same, but I have a P-Match. I bought it as a backup to a Limited Pro and ended up using it as my primary. One of the few guns I've had that never failed me.
  3. It is an odd shape. Contact J&L Gunsmithing on Facebook or call (757) 567-5993. He has a deal with a company that makes them. I got my Pmatch and holster from him. By the way, my Limited Pro fits that holster, but the Pmatch doesn't fit the Lim Pro Bladetech holster.
  4. Jim Jones at J&L Gunsmithing. I bought the holster and the gun from him. (757) 567-5993. You can also reach him through his Facebook page.
  5. I thought an accidental discharge was a DQ in USPSA? I've seen people flip and catch and stick their hand in front of the muzzle to catch it. I've seen new people muzzle themselves doing a "press-check" of a short barrel firearm and I've seen the turn over into the hand method of catching their round. I'm not risking either my hand or the match to either look cool or save 10 cents (assuming I can't find the round). Sadly, some SO's are looking for stuff to DQ you on and will call stuff you came close to, but didn't do. Then again, I'm risk adverse.
  6. Jim Jones is a Tanfo gunsmith. He runs J&L Gunsmithing in Chesapeake VA. http://jandlgunsmithing.com/
  7. No one in a squad wants to hear that, unless he is doing it for a specific audience. I never hear trash talk except when three or more of them come together. Most of those guys need someone else to show them how to shoot a stage, since they don't spend enough time thinking about it. If you can get a majority of your squad to agree, go ahead to the stage CSO and explain the problem and suggest he be called first on that stage (and every stage until he stops). The trashtalker shouldn't have a problem showing everyone else how to do it right?...since he is obviously superior to everyone else. After a few stages of that, he'll be complaining so much about being singled out that he won't be trashtalking anymore. It may work...it may not, but it's worth a try and would be memorable. ...or the drain plug thing....
  8. why did it go click? Racked the slide during load and make ready, then holstered. Mag was fully seated. A round, maybe 8 down was stuck, so no spring pressure on follower. I started the stage empty. You lose a lot of time figuring out what is going on. Press check is cheap insurance for me and now acts as part of a starting "ritual", which helps my jitters.
  9. I didn't do it, until I went click on a stage. Now I'm pretty religious about it. I'd rather have the funny looks than the extra seconds..
  10. I haven't seen that yet. I get more sympathy when I shoot, than aggression.. .​ What I have seen though, are the really "competitive" people arguing a point or a PE call. I sometimes act as backup SO on the club training matches and even on those I've had some people's head nearly blow up when I had to call a PE on them. I never noticed it before I started helping out, but how do you handle those people that get really angry...without a baseball bat that is and without letting the match drag on while they argue? I tried to push a local club rule that no one could argue a rule without the rulebook in their hands, but that didn't get adopted.
  11. I've gotten this several times, usually not at the start of the match. Since it was usually very hot, I thought it was just dehydration and drank a few bottles of water for it. Next time....It's M&M peanuts for me! Good info!
  12. Cool, because I was told that the 18.9 was too heavy, it's magwell was too wide, and it wouldn't fit in the box with standard basepads. That's not a bad looking pistol...and the price right now is very reasonable. ______________________________________________________________ whoops, on further research...it may take a little work to make weight and width. I may be guilty of hearing what I wanted to hear. Oh well.
  13. I boosted it up .2 grains and while it was all in the 130's, the spread is huge. From what I've read elsewhere, I also am thinking Bullseye may just be too fast for 147 grain bullets. I ran some of my lighter rounds through again and at 92 degrees F, their average PF was low enough that it would worry me. It did great with very little deviation at 40 degrees, Ok with a little more spread at 62 degrees, and not so great at 92 degrees. My logs are telling me to drop back to 124 grain and use the recipe I used with them, but I can't get them in time. I've had trouble finding powder this last year and have used Bullseye, Autocomp, HP-38, , even 800X, basically whatever I could find that you could locate a recipe for. Oh well, I think this time, I'm just going to wimp out again and bring commercial 115 grain ammo.
  14. Thanks for the advice. The most frustrating thing was that it was only one round in my data set that really killed the standard deviation. Otherwise, I wouldn't have even worried about it. I've boosted up a test batch a little and am going to try again. Worst case, if I can't get enough ingredients for enough new rounds, I'll just use commercial ones. Thanks again.
  15. I've been slowly eliminating the use of store bought ammo in favor of my reloads. I'm about ready to go to a match where I think I will be chronoed, but I really have very limited experience (almost none) in sanctioned matches. it will be (quietly), an IDPA match (sorry, I know people on here don't like them, but we don't have USPSA anywhere close to here.) I'm running 147 grain plated bullets at an average speed of 881 ft per second, which should be 129.5 power factor (3.1 grains Bullseye, test at 63 degrees). My standard deviation though, is 20, so I guess I'm running with about a 4% chance (if my memory of math is correct) of hitting 124 PF. I would think that would be good enough. Do I need to worry about temperature, humidity changes, or anything else? Do they usually test rounds before you shoot or after you start? Any advice? Thanks in advance,
  16. Thanks for the response. The mental picture I get with those proportions look natural to me. Your experience is really appreciated. Since Dawson guarantees their sights shoot to POA and it's shooting 4 inches high at 20 yards (not a bad grouping though), I'm going to see if they can replace the front with a taller and thinner one. I'm not good enough to hold different sight pictures according to distance. I really don't want to have to stop and think when the buzzer goes off. Heck, I have enough trouble with mental errors, especially when I get asked questions on the way to the line...lol Last time, I designed the course of fire and it was a disaster...everyone keep asking what my intentions were on this stage or that...while I was loading and trying to get ready to shoot. At least that's my excuse. At least they seemed to like the course. Thanks again for your insight.
  17. A little experimentation with my new sights suggests that my formula is very close. I need a smaller front or a wider back. This might be very good for bullseye though.
  18. I'm a little rusty on my geometry, but I would guess, that using this rule, it would be something like: (width of front sight) = (width of rear sight opening)*(distance of front sight to eye)/(2*(distance rear sight to eye)) Someone should confirm that before using it though. I guess I should explain this formula a little. To do this, you need to mathematically get the rear sight and the front sight in the same plane. I tried to project the rear sight opening size to the front sight distance by a simple proportion. The circumference of the circle, starting at the eye (actually the optic nerve, but why quibble with a half inch or so) is linear with radius, so that should work. I divided it by two because, with the above rule, the front sight takes up half the larger apparent size of the rear sight opening. If the rear sight is say .150 wide and is 23 inches away from the eye, it will look like it's about .196 at 30 inches (for this example, the sight radius is 7 inches.) Half of that is .098, which would be the optimal size by this rule. I wish I had this rule of thumb last week, because my new sights, that should be in today, are nowhere near that. I should have bought a much smaller front sight....oh well, I may get it right next time.
  19. I went back to the disks too and also became more diligent about looking at each charge again...haven't seen a low or missing charge since.
  20. I sure am glad this thread is here. I started using the adjustable powder measure, very recently, rather than the autodisks and had two squibs. My fault I know. That's what complacency does when you have made more than a few thousand rounds without a problem (other than the normal primer things). While my test throws were 100% and within 0.1 grains of what I wanted, on production it wouldn't throw any powder at all on about 4 per 100 rounds. I have no idea why (Bullseye, not a flake powder). It should either work or not. Sorry it's happening, but I'm glad to know I'm not just crazy and it happened some other people. I've gone back to the disk. This thread gave me the confidence to finally buy a bullet feeder. I had been looking at it for a long time and placing the bullet is one little part that my thick hands have to contort a little to do(haven't received it yet though). I'm a little tired of having to whisper that I have a Lee. I'm sure Dillons are fine machines. They just aren't in the same ballpark, price-wise. and my Lee does what I need it to do.
  21. I put a Wilson extended mag release on my 22 TCM. It took some fitting (filing on the surface in contact with the magazine followers) to keep from leaving a round in the magazine, but it was relatively easy. You just can't go too quickly and overdo it.
  22. Same thing when I got mine. Front sight too low. I called them and they sent me another one, since I wanted to put it on myself. I only did it to make sure I had the right size Dawson FO front, which I ordered after I tested the height of the one they sent me. Works fine now. I had planned to go with a fiber optic front when I first bought it anyway.
  23. I'm referring to the semicircular entry into the barrel chamber I guess that's a ramp, but it's not a "ramped" barrel. I also polished that little frame area they ground down to be a ramp, but I don't believe the bullets hit there unless they are angled down coming out of the magazine...at least mine don't. By cloth bullet tool, I'm just referring to that bullet shaped felt polishing head that comes in almost every dremel tool kit. It's about 1/3 to 1/2 the diameter of the barrel. It's for polishing curved surfaces.
  24. Playing with the feed lips helped a lot, but 45 seconds with a Dremel, cloth bullet tool, and a little polishing compound eliminated any tendency to hang up there. I hadn't believed it would make that much difference, but it did.
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