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  1. So I can get a good deal on a S&W Performance Center 1911 in 45 (sku: 170343). Good looking pistol and all and of course I can just buy it for having another good looking pistol however I'm in the market for a pistol that I want to use. Currently I'm shooting revolver division in IPSC and ICORE. I run pistols for 3 Gun Nation only. However I'm looking to get into Classic Division (I believe in USPSA it's called Single Stack). I was looking for a 9mm because less recoil, more ammo. I'm already use to that setup for Revolver division shooting a S&W 929. So minor but more ammo. However this deal came around and now it has me doubting if I just shouldn't get it. However the factory slide cuts is what worries me. Does that eliminate it from this division since the rule book states "17. Prohibited modifications / parts are slide lightening cuts, weak hand thumb rests and slide rackers." Do these factory slide cuts fall under this since it is technically not a modification but an factory product?
  2. I run a Versa Max Tactical. The fork needs welding etc. etc. If my options are between those two guns (Beretta 1301 and the VM Competition Tactical) I would so go for the VM Competition Tactical. No work needed. Well if you want to open the loading port more by all means go for it. Other than that it beats the Beretta with capacity. No need to weld the lifter since it is the competition lifter that isn't forked. Yes, it is heavier than a M2 but that bit of weight fights recoil. My VM Tactical handles recoil so much better than the M2. Runs reliably with 24gr loads without me having to do a thing. Have you had some shotgun experience yet? Like in are you use to a certain manual of arms? If so the Beretta 1301 might throw you since the safety isn't were other shotguns' safety sits. Not a big deal but until you are use to it, it will cost you. Don't get me wrong. Next semi auto on the to buy list is a Beretta 1301 but if these two are my option I would definitely go with the Versa Max.
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